LA Unica centre is strong now

The school has managed to get national recognition. National test! Thank you all for doing great. Catherine (principal), nice way to go! Keep at it.


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in one year, it was ten years ago

Anyone who travel to Kenya and meet the leaders, teachers and children at La Unica child care centre will recieve as warm welcome as I was greeted in feb 2008. The trip has truly marked my remaining life. Meeting these warm and wonderful families have done great impact on me. Today I have updated some of the photogalleries from various projects. With “Pay i Forward” in mind (hope youve seen that movie). I now spread this update on both blog and facebook. Who knows? Have you dreamt of making a difference in the world? Heres an option.

My remaining service consists of building bridges, education for high school girls and boys.IMG_20131208_132638

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Celebration day, at LA Unica Kenya

kr Greetings to all!

Here are a linc to presentation (PPT) LaUNICA PPT  42 MB large file

OBS! Letter and pictures follows movie-lincs below.



Views from La Unica school, outside

Jr awards


Childrens Theatre

Children Singing

I add the letter from principal Catherine and Exec sec. David, who run the school along with the womens group.

“From David and entire family,

Lanica School.
Dear Hans and Family,
Its With sincere hope that you are all in good health both spiritually and physically. Having not spoken to you for a period of time due to somes challenges here and there, apologies for the silence dear friend.
The Chrismas gifts arrived as beads and a small bag inside the casing, see the pictures taken by Andrew(Phone) at a recent date. I was feeling the uneasiness for the long unbroken silence. But at least now the debt is settled with this proper communication.
Moreover, family is fine and running properly, Andrew at school and Gerald still pushing the course and waiting for future plans. Purity at level eight and Charity level six. Baby Bilhah at level baby class and still growing stronger and attending her physical therapy sessions.
Otherwise may you have a happy time and prosperous 2015 with new hope and higher expectations.
May God double your loving spirit and level your vision.
Yours in loving spirit,
David & Catherine& family.”
Feel free to contact me for a personal “fadderbarn” engagement, from 50 SEK – 250 SEK a month, depending not on their, but your budget. A full year in highschool in Kenya costs about 250 SEK amonth at present, depending on what school that offers a seat for the child. One sponsor per child or several sponsors for one child, no matter. What is important is hope for a brighter future through education.
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Update from La Unica – building project

Andrew, son of Catherine and David at La Unica wrote and enclosed these two pictures from Lusigetty, first I thought it was for La Unica, same area and style, but this one is for their family to live in. Hope they can complete it.

“Everyone is fine too at home. They are working on a building project for a permanent shelter. That is a two bedroom house and its already began though due to some issue stopped last week. Hoping that all will be well soon. ( Pics during ground work. Was around to help in the digging the trenches at least) .”

kr kr

I am happy they are people with both visions and practice. Practical visionaries! Such examples of bringing hope into the world. This world needs people who will not give up hope. They are examples for us all.

David Gaitunga, father, carpenter, electrician and exec sec for La Unica told me of shelter for visitors and teachers when I was there to visit 2008. I was presented with a neat plan for the La unica child care centre lot. The houses they planned constructing and what their purpose etc. They found a partner in me, but Im a bridge builder and just one man trying to do some good in this world. See below drawing from 2008 made by David Gaitunga, Executive director of LA Unica. When I saw the drawing I was amazed with the exactness, about half of the houses were real at that time and by now further development have taken place due to their hope and strong work, and funds, both Kenyan and Swedish. They are not sitting idle hoping to find a moneytree growing at their feet. They are hard working people.

davidslaunicatoday Teacher quarters, latrine, agriculture field and one extended classroom have sofar been built. These people are strong with their goals in mind. But all people could use some support in one way or another. If you have a bit extra time, funds and/or friendship feel free to let me know and the bridge will be built.

Previous bridges built up to the year 2012 when I became ill these bridges were built. se attached word file:

Story of building bridges    (.docx)

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Give me education…. so I can become….

DSC09140The shant, lyrics to the rhyme the children learn i school, is full of encouragement for parents, rich and poor to give their children education. I can only ever do so much, that is not all, but something. Hope you feel that too and are doing it. If you feel you could do more, do not hesitate to let me know. I am just a bridgebuilder.

So far five girls have gone through Hig School thanks to bridges built, One woman got a hairdresser education. Another one actually soon have become a microbiologist at Kenyatta University. I am so proud of them all. And of all the good families helping out to make things become real.

Some poor families have to see their children become high school drop outs due to financial issues. For example, in a family with two daughters, one had a lab accident at school with medical bills to pay, then her sister was to drop out of school because the parents could not afford to pay for both. Theresiah has now finished school. high school in Kenya is for years. About 2500 SEK a year in schoolfees and boarding. Four girls was to be dropouts after three years of study. They had debts from year three and were not allowed to start year four. So for 5000 SEK they could finish their High school education. One of these four turned out to be outstanding in results and was granted a university education seat if initial funding existed. This family with meager income, mother (tailor, small own shop) and father (unemployed), would have had no chance to brake the bonds of poverty if not the daughter had the chance to educate herself. Now after soon 3,5 year of university with the cost of 7000 SEK a year in funding support ontop of studyloan she will work in a laboratory in Nairobi, providing for her family, braking the bonds of poverty through education. Why am I so sure this will be? Her average in results are 71 in their system, in my own words that means straight A´s in just about everything. IMAGINE the joy in Kenya at their home, and imaginge the joy in my home in Sweden.

It is not my intention make you feel responsible for anyone else but yourself. If you feel 50-100 SEK a month is a good investment towards these young talented women in Kenya, please telll me so. Right now there are 700 a month coming into the Kenya account for education. Every krona, dollar or penny reaches its target. Read on, write me and join us.
Feel free to contact me, so another bridge can be built

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Pictures from La Unica Jan 2014

IMG_20140110_162953 La Unica Child Care Centre! Andrew, student electrician and son of David and Catherine did take these nice pictures on his visit home last January. As I have been there I can describe what is seen. First some charade/theatre lesson, Catherine fetching water, teaching in the shadow eith boys latrine in back (was built 2008 with swedish birthday sponsors), school has new windows, paint, steeldoors, the globe and more schoolbooks was bought with swedish daycare sponsorship (Singkids of Scandinavia) and the paint from other swedish sponsors. Catherine sitting with mariking of textbooks. the tracksuits are used during sports and hikes.

2013 the school was registered as an official primary school of Kenya and the founders still work at the school as a team, Mai-Ini women group, with Catherine Mwaura as Principal and David Gaitunga as Executive director, both trustworthy members of this small community living only 40 yards from the school premises. I am happy to say that this school has hade sustainable development over the 14 years of its existence. the school has functioned as microfinance credit institute to a number of the poor families with children in the school.

About half of the families have electricity at home, but the rest now have desktable solar lamps through micro credit. Many thanks once again to Ostermalm church in Kristianstad Sweden for the creation of this revolving development fund. UBUNTU to all, humanity and sustainable bridges. Welcome to support!

IMG_20140110_163002 IMG_20140110_163011 IMG_20140110_163018 IMG_20140110_163041 IMG_20140110_163118 IMG_20140110_163313 IMG_20140110_163521 IMG_20140110_163555 IMG_20140110_163600 IMG_20140110_163750 IMG_20140121_111513 IMG_20140121_111528 IMG_20140121_112012 IMG_20140121_112105

Update from La Unica, jan 2014

“Hello friend. I hope you are fine. It’s been a long time since we talked. We are all fine with the Lord, and we still progressing well this New Year 2014. How is your Family? Our family here is good. Andrew is back to school for another semester. Gerald is awaiting his O-Level examination results. Purity now in Level seven, Charity in Level Five, With Bilhah it’s a bit tricky. Much as she has been going to baby day care on her wheel chair, there has not been much improvement. Not able to talk, walk or hold anything but we are still trusting God to do something for her.

David and I are still admitting the new pupils who want to join the school. We resumed on Tuesday 7th January 2014 and so far the progress is impressive. After Launica got official government approval and registration, we had our first group of pupils undertake their National Examinations here. The results are out (attached) and pictures of the joyful class when they finished their papers sometime last year November together with their teachers and external supervisors.
About the group, they are now preparing the garden since the long rains are close (Pics attached)


The women preparing the shamba…

Let me say that we indeed very grateful for your continued support to the institution. The amount you sent us last time was spent to repaint the classroom exterior walls, expanding some two classes that were left out last time. We also withdrew from the bank some amount to buy new textbooks due to a shortage in some classes, which cost Ksh. 40,068. The solar lamps have become a bit expensive i.e. going for Ksh. 2,650. Thus we have opted to drop the project for now.

Copies of scanned receipts, new text books, A Geographical Globe,


Renovation materials, latest pictures in the school, new look of Launica are all attached here in. ;
Materials cost = 19,030/=
Post + joining post 5,320/=
Transport 1,800/=
Labor 3,600/=
Total >>32,205/=

On Thursday 30th January 2014, we had thanksgiving and prize giving ceremony for the candidates that performed well in the K.C.P.E.


Class of 2013, Small celebration party after exams


Class of 2013 with teachers


Class of 2013 with the supervisors and teachers


We also held a small fundraiser for one of our student who performed exemplary well but from a very needy family so that she can join high school. I promise to send you pictures from the event later. Let me pen off at this point and wish you a very wonderful and blessed 2014. Pass greetings to all over there.”

Drafted by Catherine,

From Launica pupils, Mai-ini Women Group, David and entire family.


Joyful Launica kids in the New Year 2014


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An article on sustainable development, written by Sarah Ombati

Sarahs article on SD

“Sustainable development is a phrase that simply means acquiring resources that can maintain the current people and the consequent generations. According to intellectuals sustainable development is a gradual growth both socially and economically that aims at benefitting the people through the natural resources available, at the same time causing minimal pollution to the surroundings. Therefore a project is established to provide goods and services to the people in that society. On the other hand, the project initiators gain financially in return. This project may start operating with few people but after successful expansion, more people will get employment and hence more people will make a living out of it. Therefore sustainable development aims at eradication poverty in the society and at the same time causing minimal pollution to the environment. In the long run if people can meet their needs, they coexist peacefully in the society.

 Sustainable development starts with making use of the available resources and getting to understand that you will never have enough resources to start your project.

 Kenya being among the developing countries needs to come up with policies that aim at achieving sustainable development. The key factors include; generating realistic ideas and setting realistic goals, having convincing powers to the donors. Sharing your ideas is important in that you will get to know if your idea is sound or unsound. Also through this you may get alternative means of initiating the same idea in an easy manner. Sometimes sharing ideas may provide and avenue for partnership and this can make your project successful.

 Before anyone thinks of a project, one should identify a need or a gap in the society. From there and individual takes the risk of initiating the project. Since a project takes time to be established, one has to have patience as people in the society embrace your idea. This is important because one is aiming to serve the society at large and not acquiring wealth.

 The quality of education offered should encourage students to become entrepreneurs and not just depend on employment. This goes hand in hand with passion. Passion brings about self-motivation to pursue your idea, despite the challenges incurred. Currently most people are making a living through craft skills. In most cases people do not need to be in a class to know them but ones someone is educated, he or she is able to initiate the project and with time an industry will be established and hence people will get employment opportunities.

 However there are challenges facing sustainable development. Among them are; the quality of education that makes students to rely on employment especially the white collar jobs. The education system therefore should be tailored in such a manner that people can be trained to come up with ideas. This will ease the problem of unemployment.

 Generating ideas for ones´ own selfish gains that is to become wealthy than other people in the society demoralizes sustainable development. We should always aim at serving the community.”


Thank you Sarah for both research and adding your personal touch, analysis and vision, PH

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