Finally meeting Everlyne…. Future Programmer….

There are many kids waiting to get into High school. There are various quality on the schools. The ones with quality costs about 500 dollars a year, all included. Feel free to contact me through making a comment on this page, I will read it before publishing it.

Would you like to become a donor through High School for someone in Kenya. I have a solid contact in Robert, a teacher at one of Kenyas many schools, Moi Girls High School (Kamangu) – 1 hr NE from Nairobi.

Everlyne has taken some classes in programming (C++ and Pascal, I believe it was) and would like to become a programmer. A good IT Consultant company in Sweden has shown concern and interest in paying for her next schooling! Thank you ever so much! The IT-Diploma program at a Polytech costs 1100 dollars! 1,5 yr training.

One thought on “Finally meeting Everlyne…. Future Programmer….

  1. hi, I thought of you today as I worked at the LDS humanitarian center here in St. George where women were putting together school bags with paper, pencils, etc for children throughout the world. Can you connect with them for help for your school? It’s great that you are facilitating so much. Please put the money I sent towards a scholarship and hopefully others will donate also. Lin Floyd

    “I have actually done that. LDS Charities in Kenya are great, do alot. The volonteer missionaries in Kenya-Tanzania are the Pococks, great people. They gave me a day with them, as I came to Nairobi. LDS charity has a criteria of church organized in the area, cause there are needs all over. LDS charities cannot be everywhere. La Unica is not in a region where LDS church is established. I was given a lot of boxes with used american schoolbooks in good shape. With these there was a library created at the school. I helped the manager to carpent a bookshelf where we put all the books. They also gave a couple of those ST George packages for kids. The coloring books and crayons fitted best for one familys kids, Feristus. The pamplet/book about hygiene went really well and are used in full classes as LDS Charities gave me a full box of them. Oh theres so many things to tell and …. DO” Pappa HANS

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