Pay it forward

Mango and bananas are great! In Kenya they have certain taste, hard to describe. Imagine eating fruit that had been growing in the sun til its time to eat them…great…

This meal ends the first night in Kenya. They gave me the best, I do hope we give them the best as they visit Sweden.

This young man is only 19 and Paul have helped him to get back on the good road of schooling, as the young man had a hard time in school and life at first. As they all joined me for the 700 m walk in the night to the place I was gonna stay, its was all dark, and we heard the crickets in the night. We laughed while walking and ahd a good time.

Next day we went to church in Nairobi, travelling in this nice car of Robert.

Pauls familys residence was at this time behind these concrete walls in the behind. They had a two room apartment.

Im happy to have been there and getting some more understanding of this world.

This is the road on where we are goin to church. The mutatus on the side shows what kind of buses there are, this remorse… One hour drive from Nairobi. The road has now been tarmacked all the way out here to Kamangu. They crack rocks manually and lay the base layer  and then comes the tarmack/asphalt.

At night in the dark, there were sometimes bicyclers trying to catch the light from Roberts car, speeding next to the car, because as we passed the bike was all in darkness. Once we saw a motorbike in the middle of the road laying as if there had been an accident, with the man wawing his hands for help, no one harmed… Robert said it was dangerous to stop for such. Lots of people could/would appear from all over if we stopped, robbing and stripping us. The main rule was, dont be outside after dark, but at times we were on the road goin home.

Are we goin home? Are we paying for what we have been given, forward to those less fortunate? “Pay it forward!”

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