First DVD reached USA

Im happy. My friend Lin has now recieved a DVD in one piece, working on the PC. She wrote me some questions and Im pleased to have answered them. What better picture of the whole picture is not this one.


One thought on “First DVD reached USA

  1. It was fun to see you in action and interacting at the school. Keep up the good work Hans.

    “Thanks Lin, Yes it was great to get there and back. Quite overwhelming as you perhaps can se on this picture… I was strengthened by the experience and feel that I can add some… to other peoples lives, and by doing this my life is more full. I think this is what Maslow intended to be at the top of the pyramid, someone to share life and success with… ” Pappa Hans

    “I´m pleased to hear that the DVD reached you in one piece. The film takes the viewers to a couple of schools and the home of Pauls family.”

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