Christmas approaching, gifts of concern

p10100541 Need help finding the right Christmas gift?

well for the ones that have everything already, child or grown up I suggest a more lasting gift. A gift to a third person who really needs the sponsorship.

Consider this! Teresiah Kihuyu needs help with her schoolfee, so that she can finish High school.

Those of you that know me, or my kin, will trust me, but of course the ones out there that do not have yet got to know me and what I stand for it must be harder. Please click through this blogg and learn for yourself. Im a teacher in Sweden

No one can do all but all can do something. Thats my aim for christmas.

the letter from my friend Robert in Kenya with Teresiahs background:

“Teresiah Kihuyu, age 17yrs and in form 3. comes from a very poor family where the parents are self employed and have a small land where they grow cabbages to sell. They are 9 children in the family but only 3 of the children are in school because the parents can’t afford school fees. She was forced to stay home for about six months because of school fees. Her father’s inability was a result of a hospital bill he had to pay of the sister who had gotten an accident in school while doing an experiment in the laboratory. Despite her being sent home often she often does well in class”

If you sponsor this girl with an amount as small as 15 dollars, I will send you a DVD movie from my travelling in Kenya this year! the full amount of 15 dollars will go into the fund of sponsoring Teresiah and my contribution will be to copy the DVD and send it to you for free. My desire is both to help Teresiah, but also to spread knowledge about differences in the world. You will have a good educational time watching the film. If you wish to sponsor, but dont want the film, thats fine as well of course.

Lin, one of my readers, have got the DVD sent to her and of what I hear from her she is very pleased.

My mom has told me to write proper English on this blog and I do try, please forgive me for not writing as well as you do.

Please ask me any questions you like. I don’t have to publish the comment if you do not like! Please communicate!

Teresiah needs about 30 X 15 dollars to help her not getting kicked out of school after Christmas.

(The picture is me pointing at Kenya on a plastic globe that I sent to Robert and his works school. The only globe they had at the school was a smaller, also inflatable.)

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