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pic-2My aim has been to build bridges between less fortunate and families fortunate to be able to help other families, my name is the guarantee of that the help reaches its target. This I intend to do all my life. I am a high school teacher with 6 student groups at the moment who is working towards sponsoring people and a school in Kenya. I call it KenyAID, even though I do not have an organisation, just excellent trustworthy contacts and have been to Kenya and met the people myself.

I feel good working with these issues, it fills my inner soul of doing my part in society to fight poverty by working towards scholarships, but I am not with means to do it the way I have been doing the last two months. I need a fresh new start and in this I am all open for ideas and help. I have met with the right people in Kenya, people trustworthy and eager to help with what they can.

My last months service have been very stressful and have taken to much time in proportion to what I started out aiming at. It just happened that one of my friends in Kenya mentioned two girls in need, and I have not been able to climb this mountain. It would be a lot less stressing for me to have all my students finish their projects during next year and then look for good roads to take, sponsoring either persons or the little small poor school LA Unica that I visited, instead of having been given names first and then look for sponsors, as I have felt needed to do the last months.

Pure numbers:

Teresiahs debt 430 USD and next years costs are 250 USD

Saras debt 300 USD and next years costs are 250 USD

730 USD before new year and then for next year an additional 500 USD All in all 1230 USD

The donations that I have actually received so far totals in 230 dollars. Some more hopefully comes soon. Every dollar is worth a lot!

My contributing is meant to be service, not funds and I would be very happy to be able to start next year with just the challenge of building bridges and helping my students do their part.

Info sent from my contact/teacher friend Robert

”One is called Sarah Ombati, she is in Form 3 and she is 15yrs old. She is very bright but comes from a very poor family. Her father is a casual worker so he is on and off work with no stable source of income. Her mother is tailor who mends clothes and the job is unreliable.In her primary school exams she got 395 out of 500 marks. Since she entered this school she has maintained either position 1 and 2 despite the fact that she is often send home because of fees. She hopes to be a neuro-surgeon when she finishes her education. They live in a two roomed house with no electricity and running water. At the moment she has a balance of 22,000 kshs as school fees. As for next year when she is in form 4 she will be required to pay about 10,000 kshs and if she will not  have paid by January the balance then she will be forced to go home. If she continues with her good performance I am sure she will go to the university.

The other one is called Teresiah Kihuyu, age 17yrs and in form 3. comes from a very poor family where the parents are self employed and have a small land where they grow cabbages to sell. They are 9 children in the family but only 3 of the children are in school because the parents can’t afford school fees. She was forced to stay home for about six months because of school fees. Her father’s inability was a result of a hospital bill he had to pay of the sister who had gotten an accident in school while doing an experiment in the laboratory. Despite her being sent home often she often does well in class. Last term she had a B-. She hopes to be a lawyer or architect. Up to now, she has a fee balance of 31,000ksh. Next year she will be required to pay about 10,000 ksh for her form 4 exams.

Well Hans, sorry for giving you all this issues, but I hope and trust that out there they are good people who would be willing to assist the less fortunate. I believe you saw for yourself how people live and survive and any kind of help would be welcome. I know with your blog page the two students might just get some assistance.

By the way, our Red Cross Club won the national first aid competition. It was tough but we managed to defeat all the other teams from all over the country. This is our second year as champions. I hope next year we shall win and retain the trophy for good. I was also voted the most active patron and the most active club in our branch.Yours friend Robert

I recieved following info 1/10 from my teacher friend Robert As for the two girls, they normally depend on bursary if lucky given by the constituency development fund which gives assistance to needy student. The bursary normally ranges between 2500 to 8000 hence they are always left with a balance. This term they were not lucky to get the bursary. Fees per year is normally 18000kshs. As for next year, the girls will be required to pay 18000 but they pay in installments of 10,000 the first term and the balance divided between 2nd and 3rd term, next year will be their last so any assistance will only be for one year. I have faith that these two girls if assisted  can achieve they goals and become great people who can help others in future.  As for the information about the bank, its MOI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL, KAMANGU. Account no. 100-098-956 Savings account (Kenya Commercial Bank, kikuyu branch, kenya). SWIFT code: KCBLKENY

I am all ears for any offer of advice or funds. I enclose a linc to the flyer that I have made for the Christmas gift. Look through the blog carefully and see for yourself Should I start an organisation? Please advice me

Yours Sincerely,

Hans Strandberg (Pappa Hans)


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