Teresiahs and Sarahs debt paid today….

I am happy to announce that many families have contributed to these two girls schooling and I am very pleased, great relief for them and me.

Let me tell you a few of the stories behind the amount paid today!

One family had a fleemarket along with their children and raised 200 SEK in funds. At my school 2 students have been to an orphanage in Poland and were unable to carry all the clothes they had been given and they asked me to use my private channels distributing the leftover clothes. Some clothing were directly given to families with needs, and some clothes to families who knew families with needs. The families that passed the clothing on to families with needs have given me 1100 SEK for Sarah and Teresiah. There has also been 7 different families giving alternative christmas gifts, described in the leaflet (older entries) on this blog. The total amount from these gifts were 3750 SEK. As for the remaining amount to clear the debt, one family (not mine) has put in 1000 SEK as riskcapital to cover the sum of 5850 SEK (53 000 Kenya Schillings) wich was the debt, til succes and funds are seen in the projects during process at Sannarps High School Halmstad… (PA). There are three different projects for Kenya that will finish during 2009. Two of them have their aim to help out Teresiah and Sara, so they can finish High School for sure….

1. Concert and T-shirt sponsorship (Mainly La Unica as target)

2. Childrens discos, fundraising for Teresiah Kihuyu

3. Having evening dresses sewn cheaper in Kenya, shipped to Sweden and then getting funds from the persons ordering the dresses. Mainly fundraising for Sara Ombati

What remains in this fundraisin project for Teresiah and Sara is returning the riskcapital part (125 USD) already paid today and the school fees for 2009, last year in High school is  462 USD (4130 SEK), not impossible at all, If any leftovers from that, La Unica will benifit some even. I cant wait til the funds have come in, so I can focus 100% on La Unica for quality sponsorship paying things forward.

Thanks to all sponsors… Have a blessed Christmas…   Its good to feel alive….

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