Kenya is a lot……

There are many different things to experience in Kenya. My friends invite you to experience Kenya with their eyes!


Take my friends on safari! Some of them have not been to one. To expensive for them. On a Toyota safari bus, four adults and two kidz cost about 85 dollars…. Go for it…. together!


This is Carolines and Waveru´s road towards school. Kenya is dusty and more green than asphalt covered. They are a very welcoming people. As I walked the dusty roads in Kenya I did not walk with fear, only calmness and not stressed. The tempo is slower, the heat takes the stress out of your body, one cannot move as fast as up in the northern part of the world where we need to move or we get cold.


This is at mamas home. She left her youngest son Paul with her mother when Paul was only a small boy due to personal circumstances and now when he has grown up having two great kidz and wife. The contact is reestablished and she is very happy over the son and mother realtion. Great with grandkidz too.

One would think that a newcomer would not feel at ease getting so close with strangers. Thats the beauty of Kenya… You are welcome.. newcomers are interesting and helpful. You are welcome.

(Naturally I primarily write to you… who I know.. who I can recomend into my friends home… But to all the rest that read this.. please feel the welcoming Kenyan spirit in general and do not be afraid of taking contact with Kenyan families in the streets, they are just like us, eager to make friends)

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