Everyday we might wonder where the world is goin. Some say that the world is goin to the dogs. I say them dogs sure have had a good bite.

For all people who of some reason do not see why this blog exist, I say… take one step out of yourself. Life is not about me or you….. We have a life! Life is about the ones who do not have the life you and I might take for granted. Of course you are able to do something important for a group of schoolchildren in the world that would not for example have a safe latrine if it were not for your action, choice of support.

La Unica is one out of tens of thousands schools in Kenya….. not getting any support in history… Through this blog they have felt “hope”, thats what the leaders tell me. -The blog is telling them, “Your not alone, even though you are feeling on your own”.

The main reason for doin this blog, is to put LA Unica and other important causes on the map. What values do I teach? What values are spreading…. You tell me….

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