The Kenya Dress project (PA) was a success

Great news. The Dress project is a success… The balance in Sweden is cleared….

This last Monday I paid 4130 SEK into Moi account.

Today I recieved 3700 SEK from the two “Kenya DRESS” students. Their jumblesales paid of…
I also got 500 SEK from a teacher at school and that is it.

4200 SEK even almost cover my banking cost… Talk about miracle…

So My dear Robert the buffert balance (2500 KES) that is left with you since Christmas…. I would like you to set these apart and consider a skirt each for Sara and Teresiah at the local tailor when exams are over. If a full dress costed 1500 KES I believe there will be enough… Have I understood the situation correct?… otherwise please advise me.

Med vänlig hälsning,
Hans Strandberg

Gymnasielärare i GE, SH, PL och PA
Sannarpsgymnasiet, Halmstad

Pedagogisk plattform

(PA is a course that students in third grade take in Swedish High School… they choose the projects, plan them and finish them.)

The above Dress Kenya project is a total win win project. One of the female students got a dress for the upcoming prom and two students in Kenya got education…. First the students had a jumble sale to get investment money… for having a Kenya Tailor make a evening gown for the student ball end this term. The dress was made and sent in the post. The student who was getting the dress recieved 1000 SEK from her family for the gown. This money together with the outcome of two more jumblesales done by the students all added to the total sum of 3700 SEK, fantastic

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