Accountance… Project “2 Scholarships”

Teresiah Kihuyu and Sarah Ombati
This project was to see these two high school students finish school with the help of many people involved. Sara being a top student but family without enough economical means to finish school with only family support. Teresiahs family not having enough means due to her sisters school laboratory-accident that gave the family a hospital bill to take care of first.

Year 2008 Money for fees provided by:
1100 SEK Pappa Hans redistribution of used clothes
3750 SEK 7 different families giving alternative christmas gift (including one family who had fleemarket along with their four children and gave 200 SEK)
1000 SEK On the 3 April 2009 Pappa Hans received 1000 SEK from a group of IB students who had been fundraising as their CAS project by throwing two discos for kids.
Subtotal 5850 SEK (53 000 Kenya Schilling)

Year 2009 Money for fees provided by:
500 SEK Teacher colleague donation
3700 SEK PA Dress project, 2 jumble sales (1041 + 1659 SEK) and dress donation (1000 SEK) included.
Subtotal 4200 SEK (38 532 Kenya Schilling)

Total: 9250 SEK (5850 + 4200)

It is with great thanks to all involved in sponsoring these two students to finish school in the right way. I salute the good deeds in this world, performed by people who have seen the meaning in “paying it forward”.

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