Spring 2009 – Student projects at Sannarp

The spring started real well fullfilling the years scholarship for Sara Ombati and Teresiah Kihuyu with PA Dress Kenya project (3700 SEK) and a teacher donation (500 SEK)

– On top of the goal of fundraising these two personal scholarships….

…Funds towards La Unica Child Care Centre this spring are 3780 SEK. Two groups of students at Sannarpsgymnasiet Halmstad did discos for kids in Östergård and Getinge (1000 & 2780)

…And clothing in the blue packages are sent today. The postage 371 SEK for each package of 5 kg is financed from selling second hand clothing and items given to “Pappa Hans” by PA students, Sannarpsgymnasiet and Friskis&Svettis Gym (people tend to forget some clothes after lifting weights…)

Im happy to be able to vouch with my good name that funds will reach intended hands and purpose. I salute all that has helped out this spring. Thank you all!  I invite all who wishes to contribute in some way or another… The needs are never ending. Remember: “Noone can do everything but all can do something…”


Tack för en givande termin..


Kvarglömda/Skänkta kläder har utgjort en stomme (innehåll och porto) i de nu 6 st paket som jag skickat till Kenya under årets första halvår…


2+2+2 och nu 5+5+5 KG En ganska bra bild av de sista tre paketen finns på bloggen (se nedan länk)


Porto ca 1450 SEK från era kläder och 500 från en lekstuga som blev skänkt mig som blev såld vidare på blocket.


Även har två tröjor återfunnit sina ägare, då det var namn på tröjorna med kända logos på… “Sannarp Idrott” och “Student 2008”


Det kan kännas som mkt pengar… och det är det. 21 kg kläder är inte lite det heller. En del från er och andra från andra insamlingar på Sannarpsgymnasiet. Det är kombinationen av utbud och efterfrågan som styrt… på flera plan… STORT TACK.


Väl mött och en god sommar önskar jag dig och alla inblandade.


Med vänlig hälsning,

Hans Strandberg


One thought on “Spring 2009 – Student projects at Sannarp

  1. Paul wrote me today (26/6):

    “Hello my great great friends,
    You can imagine how Caroline,and little Hans jumped up and down when I opened the package?They are on mid term till Tuesday.It was all fun yesterday night at my house.In other words the packages arrived 3 of them,lucky enough David and Mrs Mwaura were in town and they witnessed as I opened the packages for the custom people.They left with their 2 packages and Mrs Mwaura called this morning to send her appreciation on whatever was inside. Tommorrow I have great fun with my family and Eva at the stadium watching athletic National trials.
    Otherwise receive our great thank you and lovely letter from your family. We love them all.
    Feristus is alright now left with only 1 appointment plus perfectly doing her hair styling class.Eva also sends much greetings and doing her best liking her classes more and more.

    Have a good summer holiday.

    With much thanks to all of you and the students for every support and commitement you have over us and Launica.


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