Sarah and Teresiah news!

hi hans

well well how have you been for a while, hope all has been good….

the results for secondary school was announced on tuesday and the girls did very well. serah managed to get a B+ while teresiah had B-, this means that both of them have qualified to join the university. they are so happy and told me to give you their thanks for what you did for them. you have made their dream come true and they shall forever remember you. you are truly a good person and may God bless you abundantly.

anyway I wil tell you more as days go by as to their progress. thank again and say hi to your family, friends and students who supported the girls.

yours friend robert

(Sarah at top and Teresiah below. Sarah was number 2nd at the whole school, but almost had to quit school due to unpaid fee, one year before graduation because of lack of money. Teresiahs sister had a lab accident in school and was hospitalized and then family budget covered the hospital bill and not Teresiahs school. There are always a story behind all that happens. Many people were involved in raisin the funds needed. School fees needed were for two years of study for each of them, the funds added to 9000 SEK, about 90 000 KSH, thanks to all involved. pappa hans )


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