10 kg of toys reaching La Unica

Thanks to Alexandra and Sofia SPL07B funds are raised to send these two packages full of donated toys for the LA Unica children. See great pictures below the text

Words on the arrival, written by Robert:
“phew! finally the parcels are here. i went yesterday to the post office and got the parcels. i got all the parcels intact though i had to open them there so that the kenya revenue authority officers could verify the content of the parcels for tax purposes.
i saw you have really sent very many and good items. i will give them according to your instructions. i plan to go to la unica on monday when the children are present.” 16 July

“well, well today i took the gifts to the children at la unica, and what a joy it was for the children as they received the gift. you may have thought that it was christmas time and me the father christmas. the kids were so excited and happy. ” 19 July

“well have attached some of the photos i took at la unica. the rest i shall put in a CD and post them to you. As you can see the kids were very happy and playing with the gifts. it really means alot to them as most of them have never gotten a gift. ”  21 July

One thought on “10 kg of toys reaching La Unica

  1. It was really fun to see those pictures, they all look so happy and that is exactly what we were aiming for! Hope they are still playing with the toys and that they have much fun with them!

    Best regards,
    Sofia och Alexandra

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