Personal scholarships…1,2,3 or 4 yrs

Last week a friend approached me and asked if I could explain better on how she could help a teenager in Kenya to succeed in school.

It works like this:

1. You let me know your intention. Do you want to pay the schoolfee (285 USD/year) all included for a person who almost finished school themselves, for one or more yrs?

2. I let my teacher friend find a person who is brilliant in school but has been kicked out due to unpaid schoolfee that suits your ambition/capacity

3. He sends me all info and I transfer your funding directly into schoolaccount from where you will get a scanned reciept along with photo and info on the girl. Yes the School is a girls school.

4. High school is 4 yrs in Kenya and some drop out due to unpaid fees. Your support will be greatly appreciated. After High school there are university government study loans and they manage themselves after high school.

Please let me hear from you. Look at the pictures and success in small numbers but great joy sofar…. Pappa HANS


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