Rita Wanjiru sponsored

Today I recieved an email from Robert (Teacher at Moi Girls High school, Kamangu, Kenya):

“Hope you are well and fine. Me am very okay here in Moi girls school.  We opened school and did our opening examinations so you can imagine it was a very busy week with lots of marking, phew! How the marking is over and I can relax abit.

I took Rita photos and  as you can see the smile is very real, she is one happy girl and she really told me to give you and the anonomous sponsor very heartfelt greeting. You might not know but you have really touched people’s heart here. How I hope many people were like you, this world would be very different. Anyway thanks a lot for all you have done and continue to do. Even as you talk to other people I hope their hearts will be moved and they help someone who needs help.

Thanks a lot and good day, your friend Robert”


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