From personal sponsorship to miracle with electricity

It is completed! Rita Wanjiru and Rose Mwende (left picture)  has their balances/fees cleared at their school now…. So now they can focus on their last year in high school thanks to swedish sponsors. Friends to me have asked me for a safe channel for sponsoring teenage girls in Kenya. It is completed! Rita Wanjiru and Rose Mwende has their balances cleared at their school now.

Looking forward to their success in their studies and later university studies.


Now focus will be on La Unica and first to get electricity installed at the school. La Unica School was organised almost 10 yrs ago now by the mothers on this picture. They are very poor and agreed to pay young teachers to teach their children. The group has grown and grown. Now there are over 200 children.

They manage their school themselves through unemployed volonteers looking for a chance to get experience teaching and getting use of their university education. Competition is very hard even for university graduates, but at La Unica they get some pocket money to pay for busfares etc…. so they can get to interviews for real jobs etc. Well dear readers, its another world. But so much the same in other ways.

To install electricity they need 7700 SEK and that kind of money is fantasy for La Unica. They manage to run the school on 3000 SEK a month (paid by student fees) but then all money goes into paying for pencils, books etc. and about 150 SEK per teacher (10 teachers). La Unica is not a “white” project, but 100% Kenyan.

To install electricity will be a miracle! Imagine being part of a miracle. A steel door is needed, a stel cabinet, a steel window without glass, electrician and transport for goods is needed, sockets, bulbs and wires are needed. I have read the spec. and can share their vision. Its possible with many hands.  Write me on facebook! “La Unica Kenya”

40 of the kids at la Unica are orphans, like this girl in blue/yellow colors. Her parents got killed in post election riots. She had just come to the school when I was there feb jan 2008 after the elections in january. Orphans are enrolled for free at the school. Kids with one parent pays eqivalent to 2 USD and kids with two parents pay 2 USD a month. I repeat, the manage and get by themselves, but the sponsoring that I invite you to partake in is to help them to get the standard higher. Earlier projects at the school are. Installation of safe latrine, extention classroom, teachers office with benches and bookshelves and table. You can view these extensions using google earth. Go for it! Lusigeti Kenya.

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