Christmas package arrived

At times the joy is hidden for the camera. Reminds us of pictures 100 years old does it not?

The envelope in Mrs Mwauras hand contains the buttons/thread/sewingnail needed to complete the sweaters. The Sweaters are homeknitted by Birgit in Horred Halland Sweden. She has made a dozen and these are the last ones to be sent, bless her heart.

This couple, Mrs Mwaura and David Gaitunga are managing the La Unica school. Im proud to be their friend and blogsponsor. I build bridges that work! I send gifts donated with your or other peoples money and all gets a win-win situation. The School have over 200 children enrolled, many orphans that enroll for free. They need all the support they can get. Feel free to contact me for discussion on sponsorship. Rmember, noone can do it all, but all can do something.

These personal nametags were produced at Strandbergs kitchen table two weeks before Christmas, imagine a bookmark like that….. We enjoyed producing and sending them.

This is my oldest friend Paul. We met about 7 yrs ago in Sweden. He is a long distance runner and was here due to a sponsorship by Asics trainers. We got to know eachother briefly and decided to join efforts in helping Everlyne Kagume, a friends friends friend who was bright without means to get a high school education. Paul organized all things in Kenya and I paid the school fee. Through this common project a bond grew between us and when Paul got a volontary job at LA Unica Child care 4 yrs ago it really touched my heart and I decided to go there and see what I could contribute with. Perhaps connecting LDS charities to this school. This was not possible due to that LDS church needs to be present in the neighborhood to get involved in long term projects, I met with the representatives though, wonderful people. Paul got a job at Equity bank spring 2008 and stayed there for almost two years, got unemplyed as managers decided to close down whole department. Whistleblowers are needed! I am one, Do you wish to know more?


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