Info on Moi school from Robert

Well here, am fine and busy waiting for the form 1 students who are arriving today. As to why the students come from far is because our school is a provincial school so it gets students from all over the province which is quite big. The school has a very good reputation because it performs very well in exams so many students from all over the province apply to be admitted here. The selection of who comes is normally done by a computer by the ministry of education. So ours is just to get the names of the girls who have been selected and write to them inviting them here.  Students like rita, sara, teresiah and rose all come from the province, some closer while others far, probably not more than 50kms from school by my estimation. Teresiah is the nearest to school in terms of distance, then rose, then sara and the farthest is rita.

Otherwise here its hot and dry. Imagine all the green is gone and the place is really dry. How I wish it rains.

Say hi to the others and I wish you all the best

Yours friend



One thought on “Info on Moi school from Robert

  1. Recieved great letter from Robert again today. This part I found especially interesting for all to read. What do we really know about education? In Kenya there is a mantra/short text that all kids learn. “Education is the key. Mother, Father give me education, so that I can become adoctor, a teacher, a lawyer”

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