Sarahs life today

Hello Teacher Hans ,it has been quite a long time since I communicated to you, for sure i have missed you and may i take the chance to say happy new year to you and the rest of your family. I am glad about the support you are offering at launica and I do believe that through your efforts the destiny of these young kenyans can be faced with a lot of hope. How i wish that all the people on earth could have such a big heart for people. I really admire your generocity. May God shower you with blessings.
    My family has also passed greetings to you and are really proud to be associted with you as one of our members. We still trying to make ends meet as you also do.  Actually this is the month that i am waiting to receive the university admission letter hoping that i will be considered for a good course. So once I get  it iwill scan it to you to show you all the requirements. Otherwise am still teaching at a certain school close to our home.
    the other thing is that you say hello to Teacher Robert because it has been long since i talked to him and i appreciate his efforts in my life.
thank you so much and say hello to your family

Sarah Ombati 


2 thoughts on “Sarahs life today

  1. Your words made me cry of joy. Last week I met people who said that I do all this in egoistic purposes. One do not share because of own needs, but the needs of many. People up here in the cold, often say that we give so we can ease our own guilt of having so much. Im only trying to do what Christ has taught, live by the golden rule. If I was to be born in such a country, what would I hope that those with means would do to me, that is the purpose of the service provided. I am sad to find people with only experience of egoism, such a mind and experiences.

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