Great miracle performed at La Unica

…. By the parents and leaders/teachers:

“Hey Han’s how is the year? For us we are quite okey and well progressing.  God is good we have cemented all the classes.” Mrs Mwaura

Much greetings from Mrs Mwaura and her family +Others from Launica Staffs, pupils and group members. All added 700 KSH each for the project of putting in concrete floor in all the classrooms. There were 86 parents and 13 members of the Mai Ini Women group so all together we were 99 people.
700 x 999 = 69,300 KSH

Below is how they spent it

1 1/2 lorries of sand -13,700
30 bags of cement  30 x 730 = 21,900
6 lorries of Hardcore 6 x 2000= 12,000
25 littres of paint 124 x 25 = 3,100
2 meshwire    2 x 350 = 700
2 brush         x x 110 = 220
Labour  6 days x 7 workers 450 each = 16,800
Sub total is 68,470/=
So when you deduct 69,300 – 68,420 = 880 KSH which was used as transport .

Mrs Mwaura writes: “I have attached the receipt of all the materials except for labour. Also I have sent a photo of new Launica now cemented and painted. Still we are working very hard to look for other donors who can assist us, like British Embassy and they have request us to take a list of text books which we would like and we are hoping for positive answer soon. Still we have talk with our MP area and promise us that he will give us the report. Therefore I will update to you whether we have succeeded.”

Mrs Mwaura has total five children, just like my Pappa Hans family. The oldest (Andrew) is at University now, second (Nyaga) in High school. They got charitable trusts who assisted her with half of their school fees each term. “I thank God for that.” The other two girls are still in Launica centre Purity, class four and Charity, class two. The youngest is 28 months and has problem with speach and walking due to medical treatment during pregnancy. Donors out there: Feel free to show any charitable deed towards this family especially. Mrs Mwaura is a stalwarth rock for La Unica future, supporting her means supporting the whole of La Unica Child care Centre with more than 200 children enrolled.

“I wish you all the best in your future together with your family and any other person who think about Launica Centre Greet them all hoping to hear more from that side. ” Mrs Mwaura


1. LAUNICA Pupils together with all teachers at Parade holding Mr. Hans cards of
encouragement. to “unlock their potential” “Nice present, warmly well received for the cards the pupils hang them on their pullovers they feel very proud with them.  Bravo to your wife.” Mrs Mwaura

2. LAUNICA Teaching staff year 2011 

3 thoughts on “Great miracle performed at La Unica

  1. Definitely, there is always an angel watching over Launica since the things happenning now could only be in dreamland…it has taken the hand of God….No glory to man but He who lives Up There….

    Am the son whose 20000 out of yearly 36900 sh. for the university fee was paid….Its unexplainable….Keep on doing Good everyone >>>>NEVER GET TIRED OF DOING GOOD>>>>

  2. Yes, wonderful things happen when the Lord is involved. He knows each one of us and wants to help us be happy and believe in Him. And He knows what wonderful work the staff at La Unica are doing for His young brothers and sisters. Looking at the photos we feel like we know you and work together, even if you live in Kenya and we live in Sweden.

  3. Yes great words of encouragement and faith… Noone can do all, but all can do something… What can you do? … Dear reader… join up in the club of 100…. 100 SEK will be your contribution to add electricity to the school…. Not a sacrifice more than taking the time to log on to your computer and type your name and BG 396-7858 next to the 100 SEK required

    Underbara uppmuntrande ord och visad tro. Ingen kan göra allt, men alla kan göra något. Vad kan du göra? Kära läsare … Gå med i 100klubben…. 100 SEK blir ditt bidrag till att dra in el på skolan…. Inget offer mer än att ta tid till att logga in på din dator och skriva ditt namn och BG 396-7858 bredvid de 100 SEK efterfrågat.

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