Sarah Ombati then and now…

Read both two letters and realise what moral and economic support means!

Recieved this letter 10 June 2010: “Hi Mr Hans, i hope you are fine and doing well  together with your family.It is long  since we talked because by the time you were in Moi Girls i was i form 3,but i cleared high school in2009. For the short period you were with us i really enjoyed your company.
However i never knew that you  were actually a God-sent man in our school.i really appreciate you for catering for my secondary education from form 3 to form 4.Thank you so much may God bless you mightly.
Therefore i would wish to update you on my KCSE performance.  I scored as follows;
Business studies=B+
Thank you for making my dreams come true since i will be joining a public university next year.
My career dream is medical surgery /pharmacy/biotechnology which i would wish to take my studies abroad.
Please pass my greetings to the rest of your family and also your students. I MISS YOU SO MUCH  GOODBYE. Thank you too for email you sent me its very encouraging”

Recieved this letter 26 Mar 2011:  “Hello Tr Hans i hope you are fine and well together with your has been quite sometime since i wrote to you but am doing well. Actually i have been having a busy schedule since i am dealing with standard eights but all in all i have to realise that nothing comes easily.
i don’t know if my previous email reached you and my comment on the launica.i am still very happy about your support and sacrifice.

Of late i checked the website of JAB (intagningen, min anm) and i  wish to inform you that i have been called to kenyatta university to take bachelor of microbiology however the admission forms are not yet out. I’ll still keep you in touch about everything.

thank you for everything and say hello to your students.

from Sarah”

Att gå från att bli en “highschool drop out” till att bli uttagen till universitet är tack vara alla de som på olika sätt sponsrat med ekonomiska medel som betalade för hennes sista två år i High school. ca 4500 SEK totalt. En del av mina läsare tycker det är lite pengar, medan jag och andra tycker det är mycket pengar. Det var minst 14 personer inblandade i betalandet av hennes utbildning…  STORT TACK TILL ER ALLA.

En bild utanför sitt hem. Hon var näst bästa eleven på sin skola, med kanske minst pengar. När hon fångades upp hade hon blivit hemskickad för att studieskulden ej var betald.


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