>To Hans and family, Much greetings from David and whole family.

>Its lots of good news from that side of the globe….electricity news.

> As we have been long waiting for quite sometimes, we are greatful to have heard the news of power installation to the centre…..

>  We also have been blessed with lots of books and other presents “1,765 text books, several Video compact disks, charts” ,donated by UKAID, Thanks to them. An approximate of Ksh.700,000(seven hundred thousand Kenya shillings).

> Hence we are thinking renovating the current office to have a library and a store with security measures.

>Currently, 120 parents of the 140 Parents agreed to contribute some ksh.100 each for that purpose.

> By the way they said “ Hi to papa Hans”

Find pics of the occasion for the process.


Parents at closing ceremony on Thursday 7th

Presentation of the globe chart to the parents-UKAID DONATION

Class Eight with a humorous comedy for the parents on Closing day

Members of the volunteer staff 2011m, Paul and his son, David and Mrs Mwaura

Books arrived Friday 8th , Andrew too (left), A display of the UKAid Donation

Books in the concrete House-just a display




Mrs Mwaura addresses the parents

The parents(and students) receiving cheques for fees outside the concrete house.

The kids-audience closing day-very attentive

Paul delivers a speech also on the closing day

G4s- We call it Group for Security arrive with the 20 cartons of Books From Ukaid Donation

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