Finding hope!

As we share feelings from within our hearts, we are both vulnerable but so alive, cause we feel life. The ones recieving with an open heart can also feel. These emotions can mean something, put in a context.

Whether we are ugly or beautiful, no matter, same feelings, same experience. What might these heartful moments mean to us in the long run? We can say that we have lived, done our best and with an utmost of courage and faith, did our best to serve our fellow man.

What is faith but to open ones heart in trust in more than seen. What is love but an open emotion of wanting to share what youve got. What is hope but what is left when love seems far away and faith dwindles in the dark and dreary world.

This world we live in, need not to be dark, and love needs not tobe far away, cause finding hope we can through helping one another through darkness and pain. This experience feeds the want to share what one has been given and faith is both seen and in my heart.

Do good today! am I my brothers keeper?


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