Lamps delivered!

Got this textmessage from Mrs Mwaura last night.

“Happiness words 

Aha! today was an unexplainable day, lots of happiness from the 120 families. God is great. We are through with everything the families have recieved their lamps, we are through with Robert and Serah now. You can relax your minds. Much you will recieve from paul. May God bless you together with all those who have remembered us. from Catherine with a very lovely smile on her. Wonderful.”

We have all waited for the shipment to arrive to Kenya for a long time. I also asked the 120 families to each put in 200 KES to a fund that a university student Sarah Ombati will get for her studies. The principle of paying forward works and all is great. I will soon recieve photos from Paul. Pappa HANS



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