To break the chains of poverty

This is Sarah Ombati at  Kenya University

At teachercolleague at Kamangu Highschool for girls (closest High school next to LA Unica, Lusigeti) saw her potential, but also that she would be a high school drop out due to unpaid schoolfees for her finished third year and full forth year to start. total about 640 USD.

Teacher Robert Kahiga asked me if I could find funds among my personal network to pay for her fees. He had the vision, I did the fundraising. She finished school with excellent grades.

First year at the university one needs to find the funds yourself. Once again I asked around and found sponsors. One academic year consists of two semesters. One semester costs 400 USD and that covers lodge, food, fees, printouts and lab coat etc.

Great to have friends that see the potential found by others. First semester was paid for by two sponsors. People who have come further in their economic life through support, good business and provident living. 

Second semester starts in January and that is now also covered for. The families with children at La Unica Child Care centre has all contributed with 2 USD each, and with 120 families more than half of the 2nd semesters costs are covered. A swedish stampcollection with german stamps is donated/sold by a sponsor in Sweden and the buyer added some as well for this cause, adding the extra 160 USD needed for completing the first academic year.

You know what… I love this!  It is wonderful to see how these girls really gets the chains of poverty to break and a brighter future awaits ahead of them. What is great with this is that it is real! Poverty does not need to be reality for this young woman and her family with a foundation of a school degree. Lets break the chains of poverty together!

She will eventually also pay it forward, helping others to brake the chains of poverty when she gets a paid job to support herself and her family behind.


5 thoughts on “To break the chains of poverty

  1. I love the sound of this..God watches all the good deeds from the heavens…and whatever good is done in secret will be rewarded publicly…..moreso The Bible says that ” IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE…..”

    • Jeah me to, I believe the purpose of poverty is to have the rest of us to rise and share. but what is most important here is that all really can make a difference for actual persons out there. No matter their names, known or not, but to feel that there are people that care. If I were Sarah, that would be amazing to me. Now Im Hans and I am amazed of the many people willing to give me a hand to help some. Noone can do all, but all can do something. Im happy for that. The things done in secret are here many things, lots of people involved, imagine that…. More than 60 so far…

    • Thanks, yes it means alot for both them and all that feel the uneven balance of wealth in the world. Lets move on and change this world, by continuing changing ourselves… Hans

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