Friends, relatives and new friends… sponsorship update

Had a great weekend in Gothenburg, met good solid people involved in our Lords work in many different ways. Some of them asked about Africa and I told them some.

Let me tell you all some more, maybe I should use the blog not just for updating whats happening in Africa but actually try to describe the process here as well, without telling names on sponsors etc. What do you think?

Today I recieve an urgent call from Sarah Ombati over FB message. She is studying to become a microbiologist at Kenya university. Her student pass had been stolen along with here printouts. They do not have books so theres a lot of copies to be printed, distributed and paid for by the students. She got the papers back somehow but needs 1000 KES (86 SEK)for a new student ID and she was stressed over that. Well, thats a short budget. She has not asked for exactly the amount needed for the term. Any extra costs is hard on her. Well I wired it right away and am glad she is studying hard and will become a microbiologist one day.


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