Thank you sponsors! You helped me brake the chains of poverty!

sarah at naivasha

This is Sarah Ombati. The second best at her secondary school thre yrs ago, but she was also amongst the poorest. She got sponsored through a group of people to pay the third yrs debth that litterally would have thrown her out of school, unpaid school fee. Her poor family had managed to get her up through second yr in high school. Then my friend Teacher Robert asked me if I new possible sponsors for her and her friend Theresa (was to be thrown out due to her sisters lab accident and hospital fees)

Sponsors paid her third yr debt and also her final yr in school. Then she graduated with very high grades. worked for a yr at some kindergarten and then last yr started at university, with the goal of becoming a microbiologist.

Due to many applicants, first yr in university needs to be financed without state studey loans, so once again sponsors had to show up. good families I know did and she has now finished first yr and will now move on with studyloan from the Kenya state.

A success story need to be told. A year at university costs about 63000 KES and she needed another 15000 to manage til loan came through, so thanks to all sponsors involved. Lets move on, having same faith in mercy as this young woman. Let me pay it forward, that is her plead!


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