Shamba of Mai Ini women group


(letter from David Gaitunga, Ececutive director at La Unica and his wife Catherine Mwaura principal at La Unica)
Hello again.
I hope you are fine.
My family and I are all fine.
Am so Sorry for your sickness but God is good all the time and He will do you good. I was reading the book of Job and noted that Job though he did nothing wrong to deserve the difficulties he underwent. We came to earth empty handed and we will leave empty handed; Job23:1-20.
Am sorry also for all inconveniences I have caused about the report on the microloan repayment. We have had problems with electricity in our area thus communication has been a bit difficult for the last few weeks. However, I have sent Oksa a repayment plan and explained that by probably December will be through with the whole amount. Ksh.500 per week, that’s ksh.2000 per month…7months.
We are having the long rains in our country now. Very heavy rains, In fact news today have that 7 youths from Presbyterian Church were swept in flood while they were out for a trip at Hell’s Gate.
The women’s group is progressing well and the crops too. And it is best you or Oksa advise us which account we should make our deposits.
We, the kids, are also on the April holidays and we are renovating the floors of some classrooms.
I am also looking for a wheelchair to enable baby Bilhah attend school.
Finally, hoping that your family is all well, pass our regards to them all.
Relax Papa Hans and avoid too much thinking, Stay cool.

Sarah promised to come and visit us and we expect her tomorrow 

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