News from Kenya, 20 Aug 2012

Hey happy family from Sweden! Hope  you are fine all.

Great minds of yours, coming to think of us here in Kenya.  Got your message, nice one to read about what’s happening in this cruel world of ours. Good experience on your part-understand. Be always wise and strong. How’s your health now? Deny sickness anymore.

Sarah has been with us teaching students. She had shown a good and well natured behavior. She lives with us at home and doing her research. Expect to go home soon.

Thro’ the effort and support of the ladies, we have been able to put the gate to seal off any intruding animals. Find the pictures attached.

Have got no report of the power pks yet – seems to delay a bit. Some parents still waiting for the fireflies report.

The struggle is not yet over to find La’unica in its best though it requires a lot of attention and patience from all corners of our effort. Note:  About the pics we usually pay as we don’t have a camera.

Lots of love,

David & Catherine.

La’unica Staff including Sarah Ombati from KU posing at the gate.







La’unica Staff including Sarah Ombati from KU at Parade ground.


Catherine Mwaura, Sarah Ombati and David  Gaitungu

3 thoughts on “News from Kenya, 20 Aug 2012

  1. I did publish their letter in full. The news I sent, and the thanks I get for both news and understanding of their country, was about the five men sent to the International tribunal for Warcrimes. The persons indicted had leading roles in the post election violence in Kenya January 2012. My friends at La Unica do not have newspapers to read and am not sure such news gets on their radio news, stirring things up again. I do not know. Radio was an important tool for both sides in the PEV.

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