Lamps delivered and Ubuntu fund is good development

ubuntu_ostermalmchurch_fund Many thankful hearts and emotions flow through a textmessage from Catherine, that all lamps are delivered and corrections will start on monday. “Corrections” in their english means mortgage payments. Oncethe microloans are paid, the ubuntu fund will be full again and can be used for further development. Many thanks and hope of blessing for all involved, from atherine, representing Mai Ini women group at La Unica, Kenya

We are all happy for Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad, Sweden, that made this fund possible through socially investing 15000 SEK, paying invoice of 120 Solarlamps and thereby establishing the micro loand Ubuntu development fund. What is also is important is that the principle of  “pay it forward”  includes trust and faith. Christ showed faith in people who approached him. What we do unto eachother, is done unto him. Thank you all! cashrecieptfinal onlinepaymentreciept


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