Principles that works!

Pay it forward principle combined with microloans works!

Then add Solarlamps, LED technology, La Unicas local network as a local village school centre, global ordering-shipping, eager families to get devolopment, volonteers that help, honesty and good will to all, then you have a reciepe that is worth using continually.

As for myself during last half year, I have rested. Rested from work and also in the good knowledge of that the Fund set up by Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad late 2012 is functioning properly, the families are paying back their mikroloans and the fund can be used again for further family investments. La Unica uses its local network in collecting the mikroloans, and the fund is this way revolving.

Roberto Sjödin asked me today about the work at La Unica, progress and so forth. I will text + call (phone) La Unica leaders, and write an update on the blogg soon. I think it will be nice to report on both figures and system.

They are welcoming you with love and friendship.All sponsorship will 100% reach La Unica Child care centre, benefitting over 200 children. Happy days are here again!

Pappa Hans


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