Update 2 Sep 2013

“Hello my friend,

It’s a long time since we updated you in Email but God is good because he has given us today we communicated. About my family they are okay now preparing to resume at school on Tuesday. For the group they are still cultivating for short rains. Otherwise, I know I had inconvenienced you but this is the report.

I have scanned the pages with the outstanding balances and also the payment pages.








Attached find copies of our last trip of our students with full track suit. ” /Principal C. Mwaura





To me (Pappa Hans) as a teacher and a father I value the vision of these leaders, who take these children to real workplaces, to broaden their aims and thoughts of the importance of education…. so that they can become…. Mother, father, give me education…..




Imagine the happy day… 

A Shoe factory








One thought on “Update 2 Sep 2013

  1. Sometimes we refer charity as feelgood projects, yes, but imagine what visual development brings to each family in terms of faith, hope and willingness to pay it forward (charity). The last picture above is Sara Obeti and her daughter Catherine Mwaura with her two daughters Charity and Purity. Imagine all the people…..

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