Ubuntu development and education

Hello world!

Yesterday I went to Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad and gave a report on the development fund they started last year. All money invested is paid back from mikroloans and the fund will be used again.

I have been thinking on splitting the UBUNTU fund into two separate. One solely for development through and at La Unica Child Care Centre and one soley on individual education. The development fund is having a stability now and there are questionsmarks on individual families ability to have their children up through high school. Up till now, Everlyne, Sarah, Theresiah, Rita and Rose have all gone through High school with support from sponsors.

Sponsors have helped Sarah up through University even, and she has one year remaining before graduating as a microbiologist, her dream come through. She is excellent in her studies and will be able to pay it forward as she gets a job. Exceptional students with no means from family to manage to pay for education above 13 yrs old, always need sponsors. The bridge is built, Let me know where your sponsormoney should go to. Development fund or education fund? Type “dev_ken” or “edu_ken” when you transfer, then I know. Same account number as before, se below image (sparbanken 1826, Kristianstad, Sweden)




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