An article on sustainable development, written by Sarah Ombati

Sarahs article on SD

“Sustainable development is a phrase that simply means acquiring resources that can maintain the current people and the consequent generations. According to intellectuals sustainable development is a gradual growth both socially and economically that aims at benefitting the people through the natural resources available, at the same time causing minimal pollution to the surroundings. Therefore a project is established to provide goods and services to the people in that society. On the other hand, the project initiators gain financially in return. This project may start operating with few people but after successful expansion, more people will get employment and hence more people will make a living out of it. Therefore sustainable development aims at eradication poverty in the society and at the same time causing minimal pollution to the environment. In the long run if people can meet their needs, they coexist peacefully in the society.

 Sustainable development starts with making use of the available resources and getting to understand that you will never have enough resources to start your project.

 Kenya being among the developing countries needs to come up with policies that aim at achieving sustainable development. The key factors include; generating realistic ideas and setting realistic goals, having convincing powers to the donors. Sharing your ideas is important in that you will get to know if your idea is sound or unsound. Also through this you may get alternative means of initiating the same idea in an easy manner. Sometimes sharing ideas may provide and avenue for partnership and this can make your project successful.

 Before anyone thinks of a project, one should identify a need or a gap in the society. From there and individual takes the risk of initiating the project. Since a project takes time to be established, one has to have patience as people in the society embrace your idea. This is important because one is aiming to serve the society at large and not acquiring wealth.

 The quality of education offered should encourage students to become entrepreneurs and not just depend on employment. This goes hand in hand with passion. Passion brings about self-motivation to pursue your idea, despite the challenges incurred. Currently most people are making a living through craft skills. In most cases people do not need to be in a class to know them but ones someone is educated, he or she is able to initiate the project and with time an industry will be established and hence people will get employment opportunities.

 However there are challenges facing sustainable development. Among them are; the quality of education that makes students to rely on employment especially the white collar jobs. The education system therefore should be tailored in such a manner that people can be trained to come up with ideas. This will ease the problem of unemployment.

 Generating ideas for ones´ own selfish gains that is to become wealthy than other people in the society demoralizes sustainable development. We should always aim at serving the community.”


Thank you Sarah for both research and adding your personal touch, analysis and vision, PH


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