Update from La Unica, jan 2014

“Hello friend. I hope you are fine. It’s been a long time since we talked. We are all fine with the Lord, and we still progressing well this New Year 2014. How is your Family? Our family here is good. Andrew is back to school for another semester. Gerald is awaiting his O-Level examination results. Purity now in Level seven, Charity in Level Five, With Bilhah it’s a bit tricky. Much as she has been going to baby day care on her wheel chair, there has not been much improvement. Not able to talk, walk or hold anything but we are still trusting God to do something for her.

David and I are still admitting the new pupils who want to join the school. We resumed on Tuesday 7th January 2014 and so far the progress is impressive. After Launica got official government approval and registration, we had our first group of pupils undertake their National Examinations here. The results are out (attached) and pictures of the joyful class when they finished their papers sometime last year November together with their teachers and external supervisors.
About the group, they are now preparing the garden since the long rains are close (Pics attached)


The women preparing the shamba…

Let me say that we indeed very grateful for your continued support to the institution. The amount you sent us last time was spent to repaint the classroom exterior walls, expanding some two classes that were left out last time. We also withdrew from the bank some amount to buy new textbooks due to a shortage in some classes, which cost Ksh. 40,068. The solar lamps have become a bit expensive i.e. going for Ksh. 2,650. Thus we have opted to drop the project for now.

Copies of scanned receipts, new text books, A Geographical Globe,


Renovation materials, latest pictures in the school, new look of Launica are all attached here in. ;
Materials cost = 19,030/=
Post + joining post 5,320/=
Transport 1,800/=
Labor 3,600/=
Total >>32,205/=

On Thursday 30th January 2014, we had thanksgiving and prize giving ceremony for the candidates that performed well in the K.C.P.E.


Class of 2013, Small celebration party after exams


Class of 2013 with teachers


Class of 2013 with the supervisors and teachers


We also held a small fundraiser for one of our student who performed exemplary well but from a very needy family so that she can join high school. I promise to send you pictures from the event later. Let me pen off at this point and wish you a very wonderful and blessed 2014. Pass greetings to all over there.”

Drafted by Catherine,

From Launica pupils, Mai-ini Women Group, David and entire family.


Joyful Launica kids in the New Year 2014



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