Pictures from La Unica Jan 2014

IMG_20140110_162953 La Unica Child Care Centre! Andrew, student electrician and son of David and Catherine did take these nice pictures on his visit home last January. As I have been there I can describe what is seen. First some charade/theatre lesson, Catherine fetching water, teaching in the shadow eith boys latrine in back (was built 2008 with swedish birthday sponsors), school has new windows, paint, steeldoors, the globe and more schoolbooks was bought with swedish daycare sponsorship (Singkids of Scandinavia) and the paint from other swedish sponsors. Catherine sitting with mariking of textbooks. the tracksuits are used during sports and hikes.

2013 the school was registered as an official primary school of Kenya and the founders still work at the school as a team, Mai-Ini women group, with Catherine Mwaura as Principal and David Gaitunga as Executive director, both trustworthy members of this small community living only 40 yards from the school premises. I am happy to say that this school has hade sustainable development over the 14 years of its existence. the school has functioned as microfinance credit institute to a number of the poor families with children in the school.

About half of the families have electricity at home, but the rest now have desktable solar lamps through micro credit. Many thanks once again to Ostermalm church in Kristianstad Sweden for the creation of this revolving development fund. UBUNTU to all, humanity and sustainable bridges. Welcome to support!

IMG_20140110_163002 IMG_20140110_163011 IMG_20140110_163018 IMG_20140110_163041 IMG_20140110_163118 IMG_20140110_163313 IMG_20140110_163521 IMG_20140110_163555 IMG_20140110_163600 IMG_20140110_163750 IMG_20140121_111513 IMG_20140121_111528 IMG_20140121_112012 IMG_20140121_112105


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