Give me education…. so I can become….

DSC09140The shant, lyrics to the rhyme the children learn i school, is full of encouragement for parents, rich and poor to give their children education. I can only ever do so much, that is not all, but something. Hope you feel that too and are doing it. If you feel you could do more, do not hesitate to let me know. I am just a bridgebuilder.

So far five girls have gone through Hig School thanks to bridges built, One woman got a hairdresser education. Another one actually soon have become a microbiologist at Kenyatta University. I am so proud of them all. And of all the good families helping out to make things become real.

Some poor families have to see their children become high school drop outs due to financial issues. For example, in a family with two daughters, one had a lab accident at school with medical bills to pay, then her sister was to drop out of school because the parents could not afford to pay for both. Theresiah has now finished school. high school in Kenya is for years. About 2500 SEK a year in schoolfees and boarding. Four girls was to be dropouts after three years of study. They had debts from year three and were not allowed to start year four. So for 5000 SEK they could finish their High school education. One of these four turned out to be outstanding in results and was granted a university education seat if initial funding existed. This family with meager income, mother (tailor, small own shop) and father (unemployed), would have had no chance to brake the bonds of poverty if not the daughter had the chance to educate herself. Now after soon 3,5 year of university with the cost of 7000 SEK a year in funding support ontop of studyloan she will work in a laboratory in Nairobi, providing for her family, braking the bonds of poverty through education. Why am I so sure this will be? Her average in results are 71 in their system, in my own words that means straight A´s in just about everything. IMAGINE the joy in Kenya at their home, and imaginge the joy in my home in Sweden.

It is not my intention make you feel responsible for anyone else but yourself. If you feel 50-100 SEK a month is a good investment towards these young talented women in Kenya, please telll me so. Right now there are 700 a month coming into the Kenya account for education. Every krona, dollar or penny reaches its target. Read on, write me and join us.
Feel free to contact me, so another bridge can be built


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