800 på b-day, det tar sig, tack

Gott att det går  framåt! lamporna har blivit s uppskattade och är av sådan kvalitet att många är bereda att spara till en lampa. Med 15 sek om dagen om de har manuellt daglönearbete så är det en ansträngning helt klart. Blir spännande!

Om La Unicas vänner inte klarar att komma upp i wholesale volym, så kommer b-day pengar och  de 100 lappar som kommer in här när ni får tummarna loss till pass. Principen är hjälp till självhjälp. 8800 sek är wholesale målet

så många funderingar… ring mig


Update after Christmas

 >Much to say from us. First is to thank our Heavenly Father for the care that he has towards all of us.
 >Here we are quite okay though lot of hot sun and dust.
The school is progressing very well and a lot of increment in population. Many have joined the centre and for us we have had a very busy period this and the past month. We’ve been visiting the neediest families to enable us to know the ones that need to be assisted. We are now having 228 families which are from the payer able ones we are able to assist the weak kids with stationeries and basic needs. And we are now able to provide all the kids with texts book.
 >Lets take this opportunity to say thanks too for making La’Unica have lot of changes. It’s with great pleasure that we acknowledge your hand on the centre…that which you gave Mr.Robert (12,500 Kes) and after discussing with the women, we decided that it were better to fix decent windows instead of the swing. They have stayed with no panes for long and the kids suffer cold.. Thus this solution.
 >We have attached Pictures showing the window frames and after being fixed…and the receipts of expenses. Only the glass panes are left.
 >I received your sms about the 94,000 Kes which will highly appreciate. The amount will help us to achieve some of the objectives like fencing, piping, re-painting, repairing of the chipped floor and probably fixing a gate and adding stationeries…but we must have a meeting with the group to decide on priorities…these are just but my opinions.
 >About the email of X, I think you understood that we aint had any reply from him. So I apologize for that.
 >>Last but not least, lets stay according to the Word of God so as after the good work we do here on earth, God will reward us with eternal life.
>>May God bless you very much Pappa Hans and your Family…Pass our regards to all.

To expensive to send in mail, sold for 1875 SEK

A parcel of 5kg cost 400SEK to send so carefullnes and wisdom needs be. customs are expensive as well. cash is king as they say….


 About 10 shoes and 25 hood-sweaters and lots of other clothes were sold for the full benefit of La Unica. Clothes that are forgotten, are hereby reused in a win-win-win situation. School and Gym dont need to through them away, buyers get clothes and La Unica get money for school material. GREAT

At my school the library has given many books to be bought among the staff and the money goes to either Rädda barnen, Röda korset eller La Unica (med bössor i receptionen). Denna hösten har pengarna räckt till att köpa visitkort och vykort från Vistaprint med La Unica tryck på. SÅ det blir ett paket till jul och resten som en slant insatt på deras konto. De kämpar, vi kämpar, alla kämpar!

120 families and School now with Solar powered light, Thanks to all!

Hello all, am so glad as I send these photos. They include most of the happy ladies as they receive their gifts from friends abroad. Much thanks to Pappa Hans and the entire people of Sweden who have shown this great effort and Love for the people of Launica. Receive their thanks on their behalf.

Great and great days ahead. Regards and Hugs to all.  Paul in Kenya.



Lamps delivered!

Got this textmessage from Mrs Mwaura last night.

“Happiness words 

Aha! today was an unexplainable day, lots of happiness from the 120 families. God is great. We are through with everything the families have recieved their lamps, we are through with Robert and Serah now. You can relax your minds. Much you will recieve from paul. May God bless you together with all those who have remembered us. from Catherine with a very lovely smile on her. Wonderful.”

We have all waited for the shipment to arrive to Kenya for a long time. I also asked the 120 families to each put in 200 KES to a fund that a university student Sarah Ombati will get for her studies. The principle of paying forward works and all is great. I will soon recieve photos from Paul. Pappa HANS