The year 2011 – a great year


To expensive to send in mail, sold for 1875 SEK

A parcel of 5kg cost 400SEK to send so carefullnes and wisdom needs be. customs are expensive as well. cash is king as they say….


 About 10 shoes and 25 hood-sweaters and lots of other clothes were sold for the full benefit of La Unica. Clothes that are forgotten, are hereby reused in a win-win-win situation. School and Gym dont need to through them away, buyers get clothes and La Unica get money for school material. GREAT

At my school the library has given many books to be bought among the staff and the money goes to either Rädda barnen, Röda korset eller La Unica (med bössor i receptionen). Denna hösten har pengarna räckt till att köpa visitkort och vykort från Vistaprint med La Unica tryck på. SÅ det blir ett paket till jul och resten som en slant insatt på deras konto. De kämpar, vi kämpar, alla kämpar!

120 families and School now with Solar powered light, Thanks to all!

Hello all, am so glad as I send these photos. They include most of the happy ladies as they receive their gifts from friends abroad. Much thanks to Pappa Hans and the entire people of Sweden who have shown this great effort and Love for the people of Launica. Receive their thanks on their behalf.

Great and great days ahead. Regards and Hugs to all.  Paul in Kenya.



Lamps delivered!

Got this textmessage from Mrs Mwaura last night.

“Happiness words 

Aha! today was an unexplainable day, lots of happiness from the 120 families. God is great. We are through with everything the families have recieved their lamps, we are through with Robert and Serah now. You can relax your minds. Much you will recieve from paul. May God bless you together with all those who have remembered us. from Catherine with a very lovely smile on her. Wonderful.”

We have all waited for the shipment to arrive to Kenya for a long time. I also asked the 120 families to each put in 200 KES to a fund that a university student Sarah Ombati will get for her studies. The principle of paying forward works and all is great. I will soon recieve photos from Paul. Pappa HANS


Finally its time!

Money has arrived in Kenya and lamps are to be picked up on Thursday 1 Sep and distributed among the La Unica families and arriving to the school. Got this letter from Director of La Unica today.

“Hi Hans
Lovely Evening.
How is you and all? Bare with us all in life. We have received all the mails and well understood. This time we have dedicated the cheque  to Smart Solar Kenya LTD to be forwarded on Thursday since we have a public holiday tomorrow. We hope to go there by 8.00Hrs and do the collection. What had been hard to us is easy to our God. Keep cool.
Parents coming on Thursday afternoon to collect their lamps. Attached herein find a copy to Smart Solar.
Lets wait for Thursday now.
Yours David and Cate “

Now its end of July…

We are all waiting… This week the container was scheduled to arrive in Kenya… We are all anxious for the delivery. Africa can be a bit late … one needs to go there to really understand how time works in Africa… After 10 days in Kenya I was 40 minutes late to an appointment… Had to stop by the tailor, the shop and we could not walk to fast in the heat etc.   My friend Robert laughed and said I had now adjusted to the climate… both cultural and natural climate…

We will all see!

Avvaktar leverans av lamporna!

Solcellslamporna har blivit utlovade att anlända östra Afrika i slutet av maj och jag avvaktar besked kring leveransen. Jag betalar inte förrän leveransen är gjord.

Totalt har jag sedan Dec 2010 fått in pengar till 120 bordslampor till 120 familjer. Taklampor till 5 klassrum på La Unica skolan och två ståldörrar, 4 stålfönster, vit färg till väggar och transporten. 16340 SEK

Är du intresserad av att ge bistånd till skolan, använd kontonumret 9504 355 524-1   Det är kontot jag använder för att skicka oavkortat till Kenya. Skriv ditt namn i meddelanderutan så vet jag att det är du som skickat.

New windows, doors, paint and all… accounted for

No lamps yet but they will come soon.

Got this letter today in the email… along with pictures


To Hans and all

It so happens that other things may happen in some situations. How are you all? Us fine so far so good up to this point as you can see in the photos

Beautiful office and steel doors with windows good work done. We have tried to make the ends meet and come to this point time taken but all good.

Thanks to our supreme being for his power encouragement he is Alfa and omega (first and last) that our will may be fulfilled. May the work done be blessed by the almighty and progress.


Herein find photos on our progressive report and flexibility.

Few things to be done yet

Happy teachers and students

Happy women and parents

Happy management and director of the whole launica centre

Bravo Hans Bravo mum

Bravo wife and lovely kinds

Bravo friends welcome to our happy county and enjoy with us

Expenses spent during renovation of concrete house office ceiling & construction of shelves .


Timber                                                                            7,016

Plywood                                                                          4800

Nails                                                                                         1,075

Total                                                                                     12,891




45 x 25 feet stones                                                          1125

2packets of cement                                                          1500

1 tone sand                                                                     1000

Transport                                                                          300

Water                                                                                                     200

¼ stain                                                                               210



Doors and windows


Frame doors                                                                      9,000

Frame windows                                                               10,400

Panes & putty                                                                                         2,710

Transport                                                                          1,000

Water                                                                                                       300

½ tone sand                                                                         600

2 packets of cement                                                           1500

4 pcs window handles                                  1200




(Waters) undercoat (white) @ 400 3 gallons                                          1,200

Kerosene (white)   @700 2 gallons                                                     1,400

Kerosene (cream) @ 700 2 gallons                                                       1400

Kerosene ( blue) @700 1 gallon                                                              700

Turpentine & brush@ 130 2 litres + brush                         390



The whole labour                                                                                                        8,200


Sub- total                                                                                                                    57,226


HANS DONATION                                                                                                  35,000

PARENTS CONTRIBUTION                                                             12,000



Sub- total                                                                                                                   57,226

 Miscellaneous                                                                                                                2,500

Grand total                                                                    59,726


Deficit                                                                                                                         12,726


The parents agreed to add 100/= more for library for completion of the whole work.