Great people + Great vision = La Unica

When I visited Kenya feb 2008. The Managing Director DAvid Gaitunga gave me a planned vision for la Unica. I was suprised. Their vision was to improve LA Unica multifold. Since then, extra classrooms, teacher area with furniture are added. Boys latrine is built. Walls painted, trees are planted, crops are harvested. Concrete floor has been put in and now will the school get solarlights inside 5 classrooms and for all families and teachers at home (120 families).

Some of the above is because of you sponsors. Great thanks! The best sponsorship is to have them feel important and able to accomplish their vision. they get moral support and believe that they can. Faith will continue to move mountains.


Solcellslampor till alla! Möjligt?

“Hello, the fundraise last week went well but I also have found out that the need of LA Unica connected people is greater than expected.

Find my order as follows:

KES 1160 X 120 Firefly mobile = 139 200

KES 5450 X 4 Powapack 5 = 21 800

KES 9500 X 1 Powapack 15 = 9 500

KES Special Battery for PWP 15 = 7 500

KES Transport = 3 950

Total:  181 950

(14 340 SEK)

As of now Im short  58 000 due to far greater need than I calculated.

-50 Fireflies = 4570 SEK

So Im afraid that the order will be have to put on hold until I find the remaining amount.

I cant bear the thought of leaving La Unica families in the dark once recognised being in the flickering light of Kerosene.

Pappa HANS” in letter to


Ni som var med på festen! Jag räknade med alla La Unica barnens familjer, men missade lärarna och Wai Ini women group, säkerhetsvakten etc. Jag nämnde 3690 och det kom in 1000 + 7 mailadresser på festen och 1 på söndagen. Fyra syskon från Bergen donerade 400 SEK och en kär dam skulle sätta in då hon kom hem.

Detta ger hittills totalt 9150 SEK på kontot just nu Söndagkväll

+ 4570 SEK Hoppas jag få in snarast

=13720 + minst 800 SEK från 8 personer som jag fick mailadress av i helgen

Vilket ger Ca 14500  Jag köper lamporna så snart pengarna kommit in.

Det är fyra klassrum som ska få lampor i taket… Varje rum kostar 500 SEK, att din familj blir ihågkommet i just det klassrummet! Hur låter det? sätt i såfall in 500 SEK snarast och skriv klassrum bredvid.

“La Unica Kenya”

Konto: 8313-9,504 355 524-1

( i Sparbanken 1826, Kristianstad)


IBAN: SE6180000831395043555241

Miracle of textbooks and solar!

Hello all,
Am very sorry that I could give the report of the meeting yesterday as I was a
bit late to reach to the cyber. All in all am hoping that you are all doing fine
and well.

The meeting started well of with first attending the parents meeting which was
full house. Presents were given to the best students and it was a clear
indication that the school is on a high note of performing well in recent years.
The school now looks beautiful with colors matching with the Launica logo and
school seems to be stabilizing environmentally.

After the meeting with the management including David, Catherine(Mrs. Mwaura) and
the ladies it was a clear indication that they opted to go for the Barefoot way
ie the  solar installation. One of the main reason being that being the pioneers
of the center, the center will benefit directly from the project and actually it
will be miraculous for all that they will never go for kerosene shopping any

However there was a suggestion that, the company involved to present
themselves for a thorough training on the security, management and scope of
applications involved in the whole process of installation. From the previous
Email, I had seen that they are offering training on the projects here in Kenya.
On a wider scope,we saw that even the community around the school will also
benefit from the information they will get from the training as many people
around the area could not afford for the Kenya power electricity as it is
becoming expensive day by day.

If there will also be a possibility of visiting
the site where the bare foot have done installation,it will be highly
acceptable. In case of them accepting the offer of the  training, they are
welcome any day. They just need to confirm with me the date and the day then
everything will be OK.I also got their contacts from the latest Email you sent
me The mothers appreciated due to the fact that, it has been heir prayer to see
new light in their homes and no more dark days.  Now it was their time to jump high and felt recognized.

On another note, am glad to thank an organization which donated  text books
worth over kes400,000, a project of UKAID.The books were to be received
yesterday in presence of the parents but more information will be given by Mrs
Mwaura on the progress. Due to this the center is on the plan of setting up a
Library which will be used by the students for their revision. The books will be
too many to fit in the shelves that Hans once made them in the small block
administration.The donated  books are about 1850 copies plus others which were
donated by Elder Pocock’s and many more.

This was one of the agenda why the
parent meeting was held which they seemed to appreciate with a high regard.
Finally it is with great gratitude that I send my regards to you from the
mothers and entire Launica fraternity for the best ideas you put forward on
them.It will be one of a kind and may God bless you with your family and the
friends who have shown keen interest to assist these needy kids in the Lusegeti

Thanks and God bless you all as we wait for your reply. There are some photos
that will be attached in he next mail of the meeting with the parents, the
ladies in the garden and of the current Launica plus the the list you requested
of Launica families.



What of shifting from Cerocene to Solar?

Below is a qoute from

“Over US$10 billion is spent each year on kerosene for lighting in the homes of the poor in developing countries (see Lighting Africa and the Lumina Project). The poor burn US$17 billion of kerosene each year in lanterns to light their homes.  The light cast from a kerosene lamp is poorly distributed, has a low intensity and is expensive.  The poor lighting levels from kerosene lamps makes it difficult for children to study, affecting literacy and education, and minimizes the effective working hours for income generating activities.  The open flame, smoke and soot from kerosene lamps endanger lives by reducing indoor air quality and increasing the likelihood of fire.

The negative impacts of energy poverty are sobering.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) report that there are over 300,000 deaths every year from burns, the vast majority of these occur in low and middle income countries.
  • Nearly 4 million women suffer from severe burns from open fires and kerosene lighting each year: similar to the number who are diagnosed with AIDS each year.
  • More children die from fire related injuries than fatalities from tuberculosis or malaria.

Burns are, however, only part of the debilitating impact of energy poverty.

  • The poor, mostly women and children, consume the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes per day of smoke from indoor air pollution, resulting in chronic respiratory and eye diseases.
  • The United Nations Development Program and the WHO report that 1.6 million deaths per year in developing countries are caused by the indoor air pollution attributed to traditional fuels – that’s one life lost every 20 seconds.

Energy Poverty must be reduced – and our affordable lighting products is the way to help people onto the ladder out of energy poverty.”

Re: vote of thanks

The text on the bookmarks: “I am a child of La Unica Child Care – La Unica helps me unlock my potential” Who says that we cant do anything for poor people. What about hope? Through breaking the chains of poverty through education. Education is the key!

Great miracle performed at La Unica

…. By the parents and leaders/teachers:

“Hey Han’s how is the year? For us we are quite okey and well progressing.  God is good we have cemented all the classes.” Mrs Mwaura

Much greetings from Mrs Mwaura and her family +Others from Launica Staffs, pupils and group members. All added 700 KSH each for the project of putting in concrete floor in all the classrooms. There were 86 parents and 13 members of the Mai Ini Women group so all together we were 99 people.
700 x 999 = 69,300 KSH

Below is how they spent it

1 1/2 lorries of sand -13,700
30 bags of cement  30 x 730 = 21,900
6 lorries of Hardcore 6 x 2000= 12,000
25 littres of paint 124 x 25 = 3,100
2 meshwire    2 x 350 = 700
2 brush         x x 110 = 220
Labour  6 days x 7 workers 450 each = 16,800
Sub total is 68,470/=
So when you deduct 69,300 – 68,420 = 880 KSH which was used as transport .

Mrs Mwaura writes: “I have attached the receipt of all the materials except for labour. Also I have sent a photo of new Launica now cemented and painted. Still we are working very hard to look for other donors who can assist us, like British Embassy and they have request us to take a list of text books which we would like and we are hoping for positive answer soon. Still we have talk with our MP area and promise us that he will give us the report. Therefore I will update to you whether we have succeeded.”

Mrs Mwaura has total five children, just like my Pappa Hans family. The oldest (Andrew) is at University now, second (Nyaga) in High school. They got charitable trusts who assisted her with half of their school fees each term. “I thank God for that.” The other two girls are still in Launica centre Purity, class four and Charity, class two. The youngest is 28 months and has problem with speach and walking due to medical treatment during pregnancy. Donors out there: Feel free to show any charitable deed towards this family especially. Mrs Mwaura is a stalwarth rock for La Unica future, supporting her means supporting the whole of La Unica Child care Centre with more than 200 children enrolled.

“I wish you all the best in your future together with your family and any other person who think about Launica Centre Greet them all hoping to hear more from that side. ” Mrs Mwaura


1. LAUNICA Pupils together with all teachers at Parade holding Mr. Hans cards of
encouragement. to “unlock their potential” “Nice present, warmly well received for the cards the pupils hang them on their pullovers they feel very proud with them.  Bravo to your wife.” Mrs Mwaura

2. LAUNICA Teaching staff year 2011 

Lit up their faces…

Recieved these words from my oldest friend in Kenya today:

“LA unica is also growing big with faith and actually they have already cemented the classes and the children now are having good time in classes.They are just great as they receive the gifts and their souls lit as they were presented with the cards to write their names on.” Hugs from Paul


Join the club of 100

For 10 years La Unica Chilod Care centre has struggled without any electric light. I believe its time for LA Unica to get electricity installed. To do this at least 77 persons each paying 100 SEK (swedish currency) are needed. For Kenyan Schillings see below.

I share this vision with people I meet and wonder how long it will take to cover these costs. I offer to send all sponsors home made DVD´s (Iceland and/or Kenya) if sponsors ask me. Please join the club now! Easy to pay to Swedish BG 396-7858  Account name “La Unica Kenya”

(Below are the estimate from La Unicas manager David Gaitungu)

Installation cost (Kenya power and lightning company) 35000 KES

Materials (Bulbs, swithces, wires, circuit breakers etc. 23000 KES

Labor 8000 KES

Secure room for equipments:

Metal door 8000 KES

Metal window grill 4000 KES

Labor 3000 KES

Transport 500 KES

+Reserve for different exchange rate etc.  5700 KES

Total 87200 KES