Filmclips: Singing and dancing at Bomas cultural centre. Nairobi, Kenya

1. Visiting Bomas in Nairobi with Pauls family and Robert

2. Acrobat Clowns at Bomas Nairobi

3. Massai courting dance and song at Bomas

4. Jam final at Bomas and road in Dagoreti town

Great time and great people, tough conditions. When I was there feb 2008 the tourists were gone due to postelection violence, but the dancers show their joy for singing and dancing.


Watch… and compare with La Unica…

If you were pleased with the message and vision of La Unica people, you can always compare with a great school project in another part of Kenya. 
I do not have the resources Rotary have but the spirit of “paying things forward” is the key to everything. Maybe you feel like contributing to this cause.  same 

The latrine built with my great Swedish friends money

davidslaunicatoday Take a good look up in the left corner…. it says “B. Toilet”…. David, shown in the film is step by step fullfilling his vision of LA Unica.

You can help them improve LA Unica childcare centre to become something even more than it is.

They are eager to build a fishtank (400 USD), for extra income to the school. as of today there is no electricity (800 USD)

The best about my friend David and his team is that they never give up!

Watch the short movie clip

At my 40th birthday, instead of giving presents that I dont need, they were asked to donate to this cause. I was happy to recieve enough to build the latrine (2800 SEK, 350 USD). Safe latrine is the start of a better life. What can be better than helping people improve their lives.

First DVD reached USA

Im happy. My friend Lin has now recieved a DVD in one piece, working on the PC. She wrote me some questions and Im pleased to have answered them. What better picture of the whole picture is not this one.

Bomas, Cultural centre, Nairobi

An hour program at the large cultural centre of Bomas! Entrance fee and just a month after the Post election violence had something to do with the many empty seats. There was about 70 people looking, sitting on one of the sides of the globe.