There is hope for UBUNTU development, praise your Kenyan faith and our Gods mercy!

Continue to Pray for affirmative decision. Discipline and mercy!


Survey speaks…..

The initial cost of buying solarlamps is too high, but with microcredit provided the alternative cost of buying kerosene (lampoil) weekly can be replaced by microcredit payment. Kerocene out, solar in! 120 families at La Unica is longing for this chance and will pay it forward by paying back, so 120 new families can reap the benefits of microcredit provided.

En summering, in swedish! Have applied for sponsorship of solarlamps-mikrokredit

En lista på nyckelord som en översikt
– Mai Ini women group, Lusigeti, Kenya
– La Unica Child Care centre, Lusigeti, Kenya
– Kostnad för lysfotogen (10 SEK/VECKA)
– Solcellslampor (220 SEK i handeln, endast kontant betalning)
– Mikrokredit fungerar bäst i kvinnors händer
– Grossistpris på 165 SEK om 120 lampor köps samtidigt
– 120 familjer kan tillsammans betala ca 5000 SEK kontant (enligt bifogad undersökning/survey)
– Jag, Pappa Hans har nu samlat in 6000 SEK sedan feb-12
– Ubuntu är ett Xhosa ord för att vi människor inte klarar stå ensamma, vi klarar mer tillsammans
– Det behövs ca 19800 SEK för att sjösätta inköpet.
– Ansökan omfattar 5000, 10000 eller hela projektet på 15000 SEK
– Dokumentation av hela processen kommer ske på plats med foto och filmclip samt publicering på blogg och i mail till er.
– vittnar om flerårig kvalitetssäkring av alla donationer.
Länkar till berättelser på bloggen
– Idén att kombinera solcellslampor med mikrokredit från i våras!
– Exempel på hur noggranna La Unica är att redovisa vart pengarna tar vägen

A look back on how 2012 started

>Much to say from us. First is to thank our Heavenly Father for the care that he has towards all of us.
>Here we are quite okay though lot of hot sun and dust.
The school is progressing very well and a lot of increment in population. Many have joined the centre and for us we have had a very busy period this and the past month. We’ve been visiting the neediest families to enable us to know the ones that need to be assisted. We are now having 228 families which are from the payer able ones we are able to assist the weak kids with stationeries and basic needs. And we are now able to provide all the kids with texts book.
>Lets take this opportunity to say thanks too for making La’Unica have lot of changes. It’s with great pleasure that we acknowledge your hand on the centre…that which you gave Mr.Robert (12,500 Kes) and after discussing with the women, we decided that it were better to fix decent windows instead of the swing. They have stayed with no panes for long and the kids suffer cold.. Thus this solution.
>We have attached Pictures showing the window frames and after being fixed…and the receipts of expenses. Only the glass panes are left.
>I received your sms about the 94,000 Kes which will highly appreciate. The amount will help us to achieve some of the objectives like fencing, piping, re-painting, repairing of the chipped floor and probably fixing a gate and adding stationeries…but we must have a meeting with the group to decide on priorities…these are just but my opinions.  (David/Catherine)

Sarah doing community service at La´Unica


Community service as a teacher, here visiting with Mai-Ini women in school garden (Shamba).

With the other Volonteer teachers. They work here til greener pastures, as in paid teacher job. They work at La´Unica and get working experience! They have attended teacher academy earlier or during time at La´Unica


News from Kenya, 20 Aug 2012

Hey happy family from Sweden! Hope  you are fine all.

Great minds of yours, coming to think of us here in Kenya.  Got your message, nice one to read about what’s happening in this cruel world of ours. Good experience on your part-understand. Be always wise and strong. How’s your health now? Deny sickness anymore.

Sarah has been with us teaching students. She had shown a good and well natured behavior. She lives with us at home and doing her research. Expect to go home soon.

Thro’ the effort and support of the ladies, we have been able to put the gate to seal off any intruding animals. Find the pictures attached.

Have got no report of the power pks yet – seems to delay a bit. Some parents still waiting for the fireflies report.

The struggle is not yet over to find La’unica in its best though it requires a lot of attention and patience from all corners of our effort. Note:  About the pics we usually pay as we don’t have a camera.

Lots of love,

David & Catherine.

La’unica Staff including Sarah Ombati from KU posing at the gate.







La’unica Staff including Sarah Ombati from KU at Parade ground.


Catherine Mwaura, Sarah Ombati and David  Gaitungu

Presentation av Pappa Hans – Someone asked me last week who I was…

Life as I know it

I can say that I was born of goodly parents who did what they could to give me the upbringing all children would have had if life permitted that a filter existed on bad choices and geographical cultural and natural differences. Life is just not so and therefore we all have different upbringings and environmentally highly differentiated settings. Why this is so has always intrigued man and raised the existential questions of our existence. The choice of man and earth´s natural geography with all the consequences that these two eternal laws will bring is mighty important to both understand and more needed to accept life and contribute to make this world a nicer place for the people we meet.

If I was to label myself in any way I would prefer to call myself a practical visionary man, a philosopher of sort, people would probably say. Titles that I have in this world attained by choices I have made are husband, father, provider, Mormon, teacher, house owner, long distance commuter, researcher, history writer, family man, journal writer and sold on Kenya. Titles are important when we try to describe people we meet and still we color our descriptions unwillingly with our own definitions of the same. For example when I say that my neighbor like me is a father I suppose that he too got his children with great intent and fully work for their good in life, because that is what fathers do according to my view and definition of how a father is.

As we live our life people tend to label us with what they experience in our presence, sometimes these labels of character coincide with what we think of ourselves but only when we have considered our actions and ways with critical eyes. Let´s hope that I am aware of the part of my ways that appear to annoy people enough to have me gently mend my ways amongst people, because my life needs to be a blessing to those I meet according to myself. What a statement! Why is it so that this is important to me? Do I not have to high expectations on myself? Probably, but still this is the way I wish to live and not only the people met are affected but I also am affected. Could it not be so that we may assume that if people would do their best to behave in their doings and approaches of each other, this world would in definite become a better place?

What is a better place for you and me? For me a better place is where people try to help one another as most people hopefully would say. Some people I´m sure would more likely refer a better place to a financial situation of sort. To combine these two ways of looking at the world could be difficult. We that have a financially good situation find ourselves with houses, cars, stable job and often travelling experience. We make good money for what we do at our work. We can only continue in our ways because there are others less fortunate, that need to work longer hours, make less money and most often are not part of the 20% of earth´s population that do consume 80% of what this earth produce in substance. What could we do? Or rather what should I do? Should I be my brother´s keeper? If I were to save the world, I would have to be put in a mental hospital soon enough, but to totally block other people out from our own lives is not healthy either. How could I get a balance between my doings and insights on how this world works? I hope we do not only help others because we are told so or because of guilt of having so much our self? What is triggering us? What deeper values in life are there naturally, if sought for in the realms of the “golden rule” doing good for people we meet?