Invoice to smartsolar paid… avaiting delivery

Smartsolar Ltd Kenya has proved to be trustworthy in previous business deal and therefore no worries this time!

Feels great to find Östermalmkyrkan in Kristianstad establishing this development fund.

120 Solar lantern lamps to light up for studies and safe light at home. Bye Bye kerocene (lamp oil), and the alternative cost of Kerocene, about 10 SEK a week will be paid into the fund, as  mortgage on microloan. The families will pay the lamps themselves this way and provide for a new investment as fund fills up. OVER and OVER again….. as long as families do their mortgage part….

PAY IT FORWARD, with sense and heart


“This  are the two chain link pipes and poles for doing fencing and piping

Grope members appreciating  the achievement of the project

The members very busy preparing the land.

They  are now watering the  seedbed

 Some members weeding the seedbed

Holding varieties of crops transplanted to the main seedbed

 Sarah Ombat  second from right, with some members  during her visit at La’unica. ” Catherine Mwaura

Following text is written by me, Pappa Hans:

Thank you parents for your teaching values for life you have payed things forward. Through the vision for a PA and trusting in Mai Ini through the microloan of 1100 SEK, a “pole for fishing” is provided, as you yourrself put it a year ago.

Thank you Mai Ini women for your example on deeds and work.

Noone can do it all, but all can do something.

The children of La Unica will one day know what you have done more clearly and pay it forward.

Launica center during a trip to Olkaria dam for elctricity  in  Riftvalley, Kenya

The last picture reminds us of the value of electricity. The building of dams for electricity is important, but even more is to find oneself supporting ones familiy.

The UBUNTU fund, being established by Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad, Sweden is a reminder that the work moves on. True sustainable development.

Combining families in whole sale buying of Solarlamps, reducing Kerosene use through microcredit. Update to follow before Christmas

Survey speaks…..

The initial cost of buying solarlamps is too high, but with microcredit provided the alternative cost of buying kerosene (lampoil) weekly can be replaced by microcredit payment. Kerocene out, solar in! 120 families at La Unica is longing for this chance and will pay it forward by paying back, so 120 new families can reap the benefits of microcredit provided.

En summering, in swedish! Have applied for sponsorship of solarlamps-mikrokredit

En lista på nyckelord som en översikt
– Mai Ini women group, Lusigeti, Kenya
– La Unica Child Care centre, Lusigeti, Kenya
– Kostnad för lysfotogen (10 SEK/VECKA)
– Solcellslampor (220 SEK i handeln, endast kontant betalning)
– Mikrokredit fungerar bäst i kvinnors händer
– Grossistpris på 165 SEK om 120 lampor köps samtidigt
– 120 familjer kan tillsammans betala ca 5000 SEK kontant (enligt bifogad undersökning/survey)
– Jag, Pappa Hans har nu samlat in 6000 SEK sedan feb-12
– Ubuntu är ett Xhosa ord för att vi människor inte klarar stå ensamma, vi klarar mer tillsammans
– Det behövs ca 19800 SEK för att sjösätta inköpet.
– Ansökan omfattar 5000, 10000 eller hela projektet på 15000 SEK
– Dokumentation av hela processen kommer ske på plats med foto och filmclip samt publicering på blogg och i mail till er.
– vittnar om flerårig kvalitetssäkring av alla donationer.
Länkar till berättelser på bloggen
– Idén att kombinera solcellslampor med mikrokredit från i våras!
– Exempel på hur noggranna La Unica är att redovisa vart pengarna tar vägen