Today has been the grand day for 880 000 children plus families in Kenya

KCPE test results was published today. In a month the high schools have picked their students and about 75 % of the nations students have been assigned a seat at a school. I am fortunate to pleasantly concratulate Carol today, Carol had 385 points at the KCPE test. Among 6% best in the country. Congrat to all family.


Hälsning från Sarah, Kenyatta University

I januari stal någon Sarahs id och några kompendier. Hon bad om hjälp att köpa ett nytt id, eftersom hon lever på minimalt med resurser hela tiden. Undrar hur det känns att inte ha råd med ca 85 SEK, hm vill inte veta. Det är mer för de i Kenya men betänk att jag gick in i en affär där och köpte sylt, bröd, skinka, potatissallad, glass och festis drickor för 85 SEK när jag var där. En lunch under ett akaciaträd vid ett rastställe. Vi var tre vuxna och två barn. det är inte så att allt är billigt där alltså, men att flertalet inte har resurserna att handla/konsumera

Idag kom ett mail där hon tackar för stödet till nytt id och ett foto på den blivande mikrobiologen. Va ger glädje? Delad glädje


Kenyatta University as a goal

  Andrew Mwaura sent these photos of the university.

when your 12 you take a test and depending on the score, you are invited to attend high schools. Popular good ranked schools like “Moi” in Kamangu can pick the ones they want to attend.

Then after 4 years of High school more grades are available on each individual and the universities offer the ones that have the best grades a place at their campus. Life with a university degree is the one chance to brake the life in poverty. When I visited LA Unica Child Care Centre in Lusigeti, Kenya. They chanted: “Education is the key, so that I can become a doctor…. lawyer…… teacher”

Sarah Ombati then and now…

Read both two letters and realise what moral and economic support means!

Recieved this letter 10 June 2010: “Hi Mr Hans, i hope you are fine and doing well  together with your family.It is long  since we talked because by the time you were in Moi Girls i was i form 3,but i cleared high school in2009. For the short period you were with us i really enjoyed your company.
However i never knew that you  were actually a God-sent man in our school.i really appreciate you for catering for my secondary education from form 3 to form 4.Thank you so much may God bless you mightly.
Therefore i would wish to update you on my KCSE performance.  I scored as follows;
Business studies=B+
Thank you for making my dreams come true since i will be joining a public university next year.
My career dream is medical surgery /pharmacy/biotechnology which i would wish to take my studies abroad.
Please pass my greetings to the rest of your family and also your students. I MISS YOU SO MUCH  GOODBYE. Thank you too for email you sent me its very encouraging”

Recieved this letter 26 Mar 2011:  “Hello Tr Hans i hope you are fine and well together with your has been quite sometime since i wrote to you but am doing well. Actually i have been having a busy schedule since i am dealing with standard eights but all in all i have to realise that nothing comes easily.
i don’t know if my previous email reached you and my comment on the launica.i am still very happy about your support and sacrifice.

Of late i checked the website of JAB (intagningen, min anm) and i  wish to inform you that i have been called to kenyatta university to take bachelor of microbiology however the admission forms are not yet out. I’ll still keep you in touch about everything.

thank you for everything and say hello to your students.

from Sarah”

Att gå från att bli en “highschool drop out” till att bli uttagen till universitet är tack vara alla de som på olika sätt sponsrat med ekonomiska medel som betalade för hennes sista två år i High school. ca 4500 SEK totalt. En del av mina läsare tycker det är lite pengar, medan jag och andra tycker det är mycket pengar. Det var minst 14 personer inblandade i betalandet av hennes utbildning…  STORT TACK TILL ER ALLA.

En bild utanför sitt hem. Hon var näst bästa eleven på sin skola, med kanske minst pengar. När hon fångades upp hade hon blivit hemskickad för att studieskulden ej var betald.

Info on Rose and Rita

Because it is hard to imagine the situations for these student and their families. Kenya is far away. Letters like this help presumtive sponsors to respond more fully:

Letter from early jan. 2011 “Well Hans, The girl’s name is Rose Mwende. She is in form 4 this year, that is, the final year in secondary school. she is a very bright girl but has been affected because she is always send home for fees. She is the class prefect and has very good character. Her mum is unemployed and the father is on and off work. At the moment, he is working as a cook in an institution so the source of income is low and unpredictable. Today she has come back but doesn’t even have any money with her. She doesn’t even know when her father might get it, in fact she is just waiting to be sent home soon. The father had been laid off for the whole of November and  December and was planning to come and talk to the head teacher to allow her daughter to study until he gets some money. Even as the school closed last term, she had a balance of 10,600. Her father had pleaded with the head teacher not to send her away.  She has 2 sisters and a brother who are all in school. One sister is in secondary school but is at home also because of school fee.” Her balance was cleared and now she will finish school the right way in november 2011, thanks to D and M.

Well Hans, in as much as the 2000sek might not be enough to cover for the fee of the whole year, it will assist her cover the fee arrears of 10,660 and cover partly for fee for this term which is 20,900. It will also postpone her being sent away for some time and maybe by then her father may have got some cash. I could really appreciate if M and D consider this girl for assistance. I see a very bright future in her and she has a lot of potential. I want to thank M and D for having such a kind heart of helping even someone that they know not. It’s really a sacrifice and I want to appreciate that.

…..words are not enough to show my appreciation but take it from the bottom of my heart that I really am happy to have you as a friend. So far yet so near.

Rita is also in form 4 this year. Believe it or not, her grades shoot up from a D to a B grade after the fee payment by N. She was able to concentrate on her studies and not worry about being sent home. You can see how a kind gesture can transform a person. I want to thank N for all that she has done for Rita. And I can assure you she will excel. Pass my gratitude to N for her kindness. I wish her blessings and good will. It hard to imagine how one can repay all the goodness  that you and your friends has shown.

Info on Moi school from Robert

Well here, am fine and busy waiting for the form 1 students who are arriving today. As to why the students come from far is because our school is a provincial school so it gets students from all over the province which is quite big. The school has a very good reputation because it performs very well in exams so many students from all over the province apply to be admitted here. The selection of who comes is normally done by a computer by the ministry of education. So ours is just to get the names of the girls who have been selected and write to them inviting them here.  Students like rita, sara, teresiah and rose all come from the province, some closer while others far, probably not more than 50kms from school by my estimation. Teresiah is the nearest to school in terms of distance, then rose, then sara and the farthest is rita.

Otherwise here its hot and dry. Imagine all the green is gone and the place is really dry. How I wish it rains.

Say hi to the others and I wish you all the best

Yours friend


Sponsoring a young woman?

At times people ask me how individual sponsorship works! As there are no middle hands for this sponsorship the schools fee structure below is what is required.  On my business cards I have written 2000 SEK a year, this figure has turned out to be a bit short, sorry for that.

If you wish to help a young woman through all four years of high school, consider 2400 SEK for each year 1-3 and about 2900 SEK for year 4 in school (exams etc.)

My idea of sponsorship has been to help girls with great potential, being thrown out of school last year in high school due to unpaid schoolfees. This ambition has given 4 girls sponsors! Sara, Theresiah, Rita and Rose!

With an aim to help someone who almost managed school all by themselves economically…. the debts (reason to be thrown out) need first to be cleared and then fee for the last fourth year. This has totalled to about 4500 SEK a person. These four students accounts have been cleared through the involvement of many people in Sweden. The first two involved about 16 people and the last two has involved only 1+4 people. My vision is that many people can do alot together.

We are all happy for these four young women and their brighter future. If there are sponsors that are willing to bear the costs of about 4500 SEK themselves, of course the poor family that my friend teacher Robert finds at Moi school in Kenya will be overwhelmed.

I enclose an example of reciepts scanned and sent to me. This is the reciept clearing the debt balance of Rita Wanjiru.

For my part I will focus on the club of 100 at LA Unica! Electrification project!


Hej Efter denna helg kommer Rita och Rose kunna börja sista året på High School.

Rita var hemskickad när höstterminen startade men har med en svensk sponsor kunnat återgå till skolan och nu slutföra skolan. Med skuldsanering och 1,5 år av studier så blev notan 4874 SEK   (Något mer än vad jag räknat med, men jag håller nu på att uppdatera mina visitkort)

Rose hade en skuld i dec 2010 och skulle inte få gå sitt sista år, men med en ny sponsors initiativ togs kontakt med Robert och han meddelade oss kring hennes ekonomiska situation. Med skuldsanering och 1 års studier så blev notan 3940 SEK. Tre olika familjer delar på denna nota.

Vad jag med denna text vill visa är att man kan sponsra med stora pengar eller mindre.  Att årskostnaden för studier inte är 2000 SEK som jag tidigare aviserat är jag den förste att beklaga utan 2940 SEK. Så om man ska bli fadder och ser att man vill själv sponsra en tonårstjejs sista år i high school,  så ska man räkna med ca 4000 SEK iallafall, pga skuldsaneringen. De elever som har klarat sig så långt upp i utbildningen utifrån familjernas knappa resurser för att sedan bli hemskickade för ett halvår eller mer av obetalda skolavgifter….. blir överlyckliga när det visar sig att underverkens tid inte är förbi. Totalt har nu 4 st tonårstjejer i Kenya kunnat slutföra skolan tack vare sponsring från mängder av sponsorer.

Bilderna är på en lycklig Rose

Rita Wanjiru sponsored

Today I recieved an email from Robert (Teacher at Moi Girls High school, Kamangu, Kenya):

“Hope you are well and fine. Me am very okay here in Moi girls school.  We opened school and did our opening examinations so you can imagine it was a very busy week with lots of marking, phew! How the marking is over and I can relax abit.

I took Rita photos and  as you can see the smile is very real, she is one happy girl and she really told me to give you and the anonomous sponsor very heartfelt greeting. You might not know but you have really touched people’s heart here. How I hope many people were like you, this world would be very different. Anyway thanks a lot for all you have done and continue to do. Even as you talk to other people I hope their hearts will be moved and they help someone who needs help.

Thanks a lot and good day, your friend Robert”