Hej Efter denna helg kommer Rita och Rose kunna börja sista året på High School.

Rita var hemskickad när höstterminen startade men har med en svensk sponsor kunnat återgå till skolan och nu slutföra skolan. Med skuldsanering och 1,5 år av studier så blev notan 4874 SEK   (Något mer än vad jag räknat med, men jag håller nu på att uppdatera mina visitkort)

Rose hade en skuld i dec 2010 och skulle inte få gå sitt sista år, men med en ny sponsors initiativ togs kontakt med Robert och han meddelade oss kring hennes ekonomiska situation. Med skuldsanering och 1 års studier så blev notan 3940 SEK. Tre olika familjer delar på denna nota.

Vad jag med denna text vill visa är att man kan sponsra med stora pengar eller mindre.  Att årskostnaden för studier inte är 2000 SEK som jag tidigare aviserat är jag den förste att beklaga utan 2940 SEK. Så om man ska bli fadder och ser att man vill själv sponsra en tonårstjejs sista år i high school,  så ska man räkna med ca 4000 SEK iallafall, pga skuldsaneringen. De elever som har klarat sig så långt upp i utbildningen utifrån familjernas knappa resurser för att sedan bli hemskickade för ett halvår eller mer av obetalda skolavgifter….. blir överlyckliga när det visar sig att underverkens tid inte är förbi. Totalt har nu 4 st tonårstjejer i Kenya kunnat slutföra skolan tack vare sponsring från mängder av sponsorer.

Bilderna är på en lycklig Rose

Rita Wanjiru sponsored

Today I recieved an email from Robert (Teacher at Moi Girls High school, Kamangu, Kenya):

“Hope you are well and fine. Me am very okay here in Moi girls school.  We opened school and did our opening examinations so you can imagine it was a very busy week with lots of marking, phew! How the marking is over and I can relax abit.

I took Rita photos and  as you can see the smile is very real, she is one happy girl and she really told me to give you and the anonomous sponsor very heartfelt greeting. You might not know but you have really touched people’s heart here. How I hope many people were like you, this world would be very different. Anyway thanks a lot for all you have done and continue to do. Even as you talk to other people I hope their hearts will be moved and they help someone who needs help.

Thanks a lot and good day, your friend Robert”

Personal scholarships…1,2,3 or 4 yrs

Last week a friend approached me and asked if I could explain better on how she could help a teenager in Kenya to succeed in school.

It works like this:

1. You let me know your intention. Do you want to pay the schoolfee (285 USD/year) all included for a person who almost finished school themselves, for one or more yrs?

2. I let my teacher friend find a person who is brilliant in school but has been kicked out due to unpaid schoolfee that suits your ambition/capacity

3. He sends me all info and I transfer your funding directly into schoolaccount from where you will get a scanned reciept along with photo and info on the girl. Yes the School is a girls school.

4. High school is 4 yrs in Kenya and some drop out due to unpaid fees. Your support will be greatly appreciated. After High school there are university government study loans and they manage themselves after high school.

Please let me hear from you. Look at the pictures and success in small numbers but great joy sofar…. Pappa HANS

Sarah and Teresiah news!

hi hans

well well how have you been for a while, hope all has been good….

the results for secondary school was announced on tuesday and the girls did very well. serah managed to get a B+ while teresiah had B-, this means that both of them have qualified to join the university. they are so happy and told me to give you their thanks for what you did for them. you have made their dream come true and they shall forever remember you. you are truly a good person and may God bless you abundantly.

anyway I wil tell you more as days go by as to their progress. thank again and say hi to your family, friends and students who supported the girls.

yours friend robert

(Sarah at top and Teresiah below. Sarah was number 2nd at the whole school, but almost had to quit school due to unpaid fee, one year before graduation because of lack of money. Teresiahs sister had a lab accident in school and was hospitalized and then family budget covered the hospital bill and not Teresiahs school. There are always a story behind all that happens. Many people were involved in raisin the funds needed. School fees needed were for two years of study for each of them, the funds added to 9000 SEK, about 90 000 KSH, thanks to all involved. pappa hans )

To see a child grow with education…

Mind the joy for both them and you… the sponsor. Do be a sponsor… We will be glad to give you name and background.

Mind that it is usually the years from 12-13 to 16-17 that is the most crucial for the families. Old enough to work, but poor enough not to be able to pay for education.

The misery trap is easiest cheated by education and health combined. Mostly we seem to settle with health issues. Mind that Kenya has a functional studyloan system at the university, but the path to university leads on a thin path of needed funds for teenage schooling. funds that many families do not have.

Dont hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is life?

Is life not what we miss when we grow older? I gather life is what we can do for others so that they too  can ponder upon what good…. life has brought them.