“Dedicated to Hans family and friends” David at La Unica

    “I really find this man David and his wife Catherine to be true heroes…. They are the leaders of LA Unica, childcare centre, Lusigeti and are fighting for the education of 197 children… where 38 are orphans enroll for free.” Greetings Pappa HANS

photo1davidsfamilyLots of greetings from David and family.  Hope you are all right from the other side of the globe.
Us we are fine trying hard to make ends meet.
Happy because we receive your gift.  Pass our regards to all who made that effort.  Everyone is happy including our friends-congratulations God Bless you all.  Slow response though- but my father passed away this very month-already buried.  Sorry to say so.  This world is not our home.
 Find the whole family in the photo, from right standing:- Andrew, Gerald, myself and Catherine.  Seated is the youngest baby then Purity and Charity.  Big family, you see:  However we received other presents later and we have done the staffroom-almost through-photo to be sent when complete.
 May you have a nice time with all, continue with your togetherness and may God Double your loving Spirit.
 From: David and Family.”


My reply: 

Hello my friend… (please print this so Catherine can read it as well) dont worry about the silence… life goes on here as well… luckily enough noone has died though… 

 I have taken the privilige of putting your nicely put letter on the blogg… people here are so far away of understanding even me is having a hard time understanding things… even though I have been visiting you…

I really love the names charity and Purity… what´s the babys name =)

Every day while I have been painting my house I have thought of Kenya and you. I really left a big portion of me in your country… I try and do my best to do what I can… Always fall short though… Every litre of paint…. It really bugs me… I will continue to encourage my students to have you at La Unica in mind during their schoolprojects… I have vowed to keep the bridge open.. and that I can do… I saw so much poverty in Kenya that it almost broke my heart… hope you will continue to send good pictures and never give up…. I will continue to ask and not give up… the best thing is if I could find a company that would take LA Unica under its arms (lets say 150 USD amonth) and get goodwill from it… having their logo next to yours… on a new painted school house… that is my vision for what I hope to be able to give you eventually…

God bless you both David and Catherine and all your great kids… Great the kids at LA Unica from me and give all the mothers in the women group…

Hugs from HANS

PS: I read the letter to my wife… My wife says that my vision might sound as a promise…. I know you understand the meaning of “vision”… You have drawn me a map of your vision of LA Unica and given it to me…. hoping that your vision one day will come true… so it is with my vision, knowing that it might not be, but we need to have a vision… … “without visions the people perish”… I need to exercise some faith in my vision as you have done in yours…

davidslaunicatoday Davids vision for La Unica Childcare centre. Red marks existing buildings and facilities….














Spring 2009 – Student projects at Sannarp

The spring started real well fullfilling the years scholarship for Sara Ombati and Teresiah Kihuyu with PA Dress Kenya project (3700 SEK) and a teacher donation (500 SEK)

– On top of the goal of fundraising these two personal scholarships….

…Funds towards La Unica Child Care Centre this spring are 3780 SEK. Two groups of students at Sannarpsgymnasiet Halmstad did discos for kids in Östergård and Getinge (1000 & 2780)

…And clothing in the blue packages are sent today. The postage 371 SEK for each package of 5 kg is financed from selling second hand clothing and items given to “Pappa Hans” by PA students, Sannarpsgymnasiet and Friskis&Svettis Gym (people tend to forget some clothes after lifting weights…)

Im happy to be able to vouch with my good name that funds will reach intended hands and purpose. I salute all that has helped out this spring. Thank you all!  I invite all who wishes to contribute in some way or another… The needs are never ending. Remember: “Noone can do everything but all can do something…”


Tack för en givande termin..


Kvarglömda/Skänkta kläder har utgjort en stomme (innehåll och porto) i de nu 6 st paket som jag skickat till Kenya under årets första halvår…


2+2+2 och nu 5+5+5 KG En ganska bra bild av de sista tre paketen finns på bloggen (se nedan länk)


Porto ca 1450 SEK från era kläder och 500 från en lekstuga som blev skänkt mig som blev såld vidare på blocket.


Även har två tröjor återfunnit sina ägare, då det var namn på tröjorna med kända logos på… “Sannarp Idrott” och “Student 2008”


Det kan kännas som mkt pengar… och det är det. 21 kg kläder är inte lite det heller. En del från er och andra från andra insamlingar på Sannarpsgymnasiet. Det är kombinationen av utbud och efterfrågan som styrt… på flera plan… STORT TACK.


Väl mött och en god sommar önskar jag dig och alla inblandade.


Med vänlig hälsning,

Hans Strandberg

CAS night a success in many ways…

la-unica-013Thank you IB students for a nonforgetable night! Also thank you parents for your presence and contributions!

The CAS night raised 739,50 SEK towards LA Unica. Thank you on behalf of the children at La Unica

This money provides 1 week of education for 197 students at this school. They need everything! pens, paper, books etc.

The students have previously raised 1000 SEK towards scholarship for Teresiah and Sarah. They have also raised additional 660 SEK towards LA Unica. This fundraising was done through two “kid-discos” in Halmstad, Sweden. This fall they will continue fundraising in different ways. Plans are to have a large jumble sale early after summer.

With thanks from Teresiah and Sarahs families

Today I have recieved photos with thanks and appreciation towards all who contributed in the sponsorship of Sarah and Teresiahs last two yrs in high school.

 serah-mother-at-workSarahs mother at work

serah-outside-their-houseSara and her family outside their home

teresiah-outside-their-houseTeresiah outside their home with family

terry-outside-their-house Teresiah outside home

terywithparents Terry outside home with parents


with-parents-sis-and-bro Teresiah with familyoutside-their-house1

La Unica Disco in Getinge Sweden was a success!

davidslaunicatodayFour 3rd grade students is doin a project (PA) in high school raisin funds for La Unica, Lusigeti, Kenya.

The Easter disco in Getinge turned out to be a success! 2300 SEK was raised and now they are doin a jumble sale at the Halmstad Ice rink 7 May.

Pictures show the need and true visionary leadership at LA Unica



Accountance… Project “2 Scholarships”

Teresiah Kihuyu and Sarah Ombati
This project was to see these two high school students finish school with the help of many people involved. Sara being a top student but family without enough economical means to finish school with only family support. Teresiahs family not having enough means due to her sisters school laboratory-accident that gave the family a hospital bill to take care of first.

Year 2008 Money for fees provided by:
1100 SEK Pappa Hans redistribution of used clothes
3750 SEK 7 different families giving alternative christmas gift (including one family who had fleemarket along with their four children and gave 200 SEK)
1000 SEK On the 3 April 2009 Pappa Hans received 1000 SEK from a group of IB students who had been fundraising as their CAS project by throwing two discos for kids.
Subtotal 5850 SEK (53 000 Kenya Schilling)

Year 2009 Money for fees provided by:
500 SEK Teacher colleague donation
3700 SEK PA Dress project, 2 jumble sales (1041 + 1659 SEK) and dress donation (1000 SEK) included.
Subtotal 4200 SEK (38 532 Kenya Schilling)

Total: 9250 SEK (5850 + 4200)

It is with great thanks to all involved in sponsoring these two students to finish school in the right way. I salute the good deeds in this world, performed by people who have seen the meaning in “paying it forward”.