With thanks from Teresiah and Sarahs families

Today I have recieved photos with thanks and appreciation towards all who contributed in the sponsorship of Sarah and Teresiahs last two yrs in high school.

 serah-mother-at-workSarahs mother at work

serah-outside-their-houseSara and her family outside their home

teresiah-outside-their-houseTeresiah outside their home with family

terry-outside-their-house Teresiah outside home

terywithparents Terry outside home with parents


with-parents-sis-and-bro Teresiah with familyoutside-their-house1


La Unica Disco in Getinge Sweden was a success!

davidslaunicatodayFour 3rd grade students is doin a project (PA) in high school raisin funds for La Unica, Lusigeti, Kenya.

The Easter disco in Getinge turned out to be a success! 2300 SEK was raised and now they are doin a jumble sale at the Halmstad Ice rink 7 May.

Pictures show the need and true visionary leadership at LA Unica



Accountance… Project “2 Scholarships”

Teresiah Kihuyu and Sarah Ombati
This project was to see these two high school students finish school with the help of many people involved. Sara being a top student but family without enough economical means to finish school with only family support. Teresiahs family not having enough means due to her sisters school laboratory-accident that gave the family a hospital bill to take care of first.

Year 2008 Money for fees provided by:
1100 SEK Pappa Hans redistribution of used clothes
3750 SEK 7 different families giving alternative christmas gift (including one family who had fleemarket along with their four children and gave 200 SEK)
1000 SEK On the 3 April 2009 Pappa Hans received 1000 SEK from a group of IB students who had been fundraising as their CAS project by throwing two discos for kids.
Subtotal 5850 SEK (53 000 Kenya Schilling)

Year 2009 Money for fees provided by:
500 SEK Teacher colleague donation
3700 SEK PA Dress project, 2 jumble sales (1041 + 1659 SEK) and dress donation (1000 SEK) included.
Subtotal 4200 SEK (38 532 Kenya Schilling)

Total: 9250 SEK (5850 + 4200)

It is with great thanks to all involved in sponsoring these two students to finish school in the right way. I salute the good deeds in this world, performed by people who have seen the meaning in “paying it forward”.

The Kenya Dress project (PA) was a success

Great news. The Dress project is a success… The balance in Sweden is cleared….

This last Monday I paid 4130 SEK into Moi account.

Today I recieved 3700 SEK from the two “Kenya DRESS” students. Their jumblesales paid of…
I also got 500 SEK from a teacher at school and that is it.

4200 SEK even almost cover my banking cost… Talk about miracle…

So My dear Robert the buffert balance (2500 KES) that is left with you since Christmas…. I would like you to set these apart and consider a skirt each for Sara and Teresiah at the local tailor when exams are over. If a full dress costed 1500 KES I believe there will be enough… Have I understood the situation correct?… otherwise please advise me.

Med vänlig hälsning,
Hans Strandberg

Gymnasielärare i GE, SH, PL och PA
Sannarpsgymnasiet, Halmstad

Pedagogisk plattform

(PA is a course that students in third grade take in Swedish High School… they choose the projects, plan them and finish them.)

The above Dress Kenya project is a total win win project. One of the female students got a dress for the upcoming prom and two students in Kenya got education…. First the students had a jumble sale to get investment money… for having a Kenya Tailor make a evening gown for the student ball end this term. The dress was made and sent in the post. The student who was getting the dress recieved 1000 SEK from her family for the gown. This money together with the outcome of two more jumblesales done by the students all added to the total sum of 3700 SEK, fantastic

Welcome to Kenya


My friends are welcoming you to Kenya. They want to give you the same great welcome as they gave me. Looking for adenture? Let me know.




Or if you would prefer a hotel, my friends or their friends will pick you up for your daily tours. Promise! They want adventure too you know. To meet with new people, hearing stories from other parts of the world and show you their great country.

December, life is full….

september-november-207Part of this blog needs to be in Swedish, this is a quote from my personal history: “December är tänkt att vara en månad när man ger och känner glädjen av att ge. Stressen av att inte nå fram till alla jag möter och på så sätt snabbt få in medel till att ge de kenyanska eleverna Teresiah och Sarah ekonomiskt stöd var en utmaning. På slutet så gavs möjligheten att ta emot en mängd barnkläder av två blivande studenter i Halmstad tillika mina PA elever som inte kunde bära med sig alla barnkläder de samlat in till barnhemmet Zdroje i Polen, dit de åkte i november. De gav mig kläderna för distribution bland behövande genom mitt kontaktnät i kyrkan. På bilden ser man hur jag och min fru sorterade, kläderna lades i högar efter storlekar. Paketen gavs sedan till familjer med behov genom våra vänners försorg. Kläderna mottogs med tacksamhet och de som överlämnade paketen var även de tacksamma för möjligheten. Som ett led i denna kedja av händelser mottog jag donationer på 1100 SEK av de “överlämnande familjerna” som i sin tur kunde vara med att betala Teresiahs och Sarahs studieskuld. Allt vad vi gör har betydelse och det är viktigt att göra det goda man känner inom sig vara det riktiga. Det finns alltid utvägar, bara man ser och tar de möjligheter man får att göra gott.”

Teresiahs and Sarahs debt paid today….

I am happy to announce that many families have contributed to these two girls schooling and I am very pleased, great relief for them and me.

Let me tell you a few of the stories behind the amount paid today!

One family had a fleemarket along with their children and raised 200 SEK in funds. At my school 2 students have been to an orphanage in Poland and were unable to carry all the clothes they had been given and they asked me to use my private channels distributing the leftover clothes. Some clothing were directly given to families with needs, and some clothes to families who knew families with needs. The families that passed the clothing on to families with needs have given me 1100 SEK for Sarah and Teresiah. There has also been 7 different families giving alternative christmas gifts, described in the leaflet (older entries) on this blog. The total amount from these gifts were 3750 SEK. As for the remaining amount to clear the debt, one family (not mine) has put in 1000 SEK as riskcapital to cover the sum of 5850 SEK (53 000 Kenya Schillings) wich was the debt, til succes and funds are seen in the projects during process at Sannarps High School Halmstad… (PA). There are three different projects for Kenya that will finish during 2009. Two of them have their aim to help out Teresiah and Sara, so they can finish High School for sure….

1. Concert and T-shirt sponsorship (Mainly La Unica as target)

2. Childrens discos, fundraising for Teresiah Kihuyu

3. Having evening dresses sewn cheaper in Kenya, shipped to Sweden and then getting funds from the persons ordering the dresses. Mainly fundraising for Sara Ombati

What remains in this fundraisin project for Teresiah and Sara is returning the riskcapital part (125 USD) already paid today and the school fees for 2009, last year in High school is  462 USD (4130 SEK), not impossible at all, If any leftovers from that, La Unica will benifit some even. I cant wait til the funds have come in, so I can focus 100% on La Unica for quality sponsorship paying things forward.

Thanks to all sponsors… Have a blessed Christmas…   Its good to feel alive….

LA Unica will be the main target after the two students at Moi

la-unica-001With the same entusiasm the greet visitor as they embark in their schooling.

This picture is taken behind the school. The landscape is dry and they soon need to build a pool to keep water and for fishes to grow to be sold for more funds to the school. You can add to their success!


This picture is taken in front of the main building. There is a small office and preschool classroom behind the group.