Mai-Ini Women group

The MAI-INI WOMEN GROUP, a group of mothers, the core of LA Unica Child Care Centre, started the school 2001 and have fought for its survival and evolvement since then. The school have had great success as more children in the village of Lusigeti have been able to get education through this school.

Orphans in the village enroll for free here. There are about 38 orphans of total 197 children enrolled. Children with one parent pay 2 USD (15 SEK) a month and those with both parents alive pay 4 USD (30 SEK). This means that the total amount that the school have for all expenses during a month is about 500 USD (3500 SEK).

There are almost 10 volonteers at the school. Educated teachers who have not yet a paid job, in the meanwhile they work here. They get small pocketmoney from the budget, so they can use the bus to town jobsearching from time to time, about 20 dollars a month. These volonteers live in the neigbour hood, of the land, as they live with relatives with shambas/gardens.

The principal who runs things on a daily basis is Mrs Mwaura (wears clear white blouse in the picture) and her husband David Gaitunga is the executive director of the school. We need not only to admire these people but help them to educate the children in Lusiget. Support this cause


3 thoughts on “Mai-Ini Women group

  1. Hej!
    Har varit inne och tittat på din blogg och läst om flickornas situation. Det skär i hjärtat att man inte kan hjälpa alla som man skulle vilja hjälpa! Hoppas det ordnar sig för dem!
    Skönt att veta att vi är alla älskade.

  2. Mai-ini means ‘In the water’ Kudos moms! God bless you!

    “Thank you for the translation and your support as well. All need feedback and support… cause we are all humans. There are many humans involved in this cause” Pappa Hans

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