Christmas in Kenya 2013

It´s Christmas time. La Unica Child Care Centre has evolved into becoming a real school with recognition from the state of Kenya. the students have good results and many families are involved in helping out as teachers, nightguards and Catherine as principal and David as director. All need encouragement. The teachers find encouragement in good student results. tokens of appreciation at christmas are appropriate. Take a good look at these pictures and faces. What is life but to serve one another. We must carry beauty with us or we find it not, someone said, but I say. Serve and live, live through service. David and Catherine have shown me that principle in their service for their fellow being. Im proud to be their friend. Are you a friend of them, a neighbor, a fellow being?


These teaching materials Catherine and friends have produced for the school. I find them very positive and useful. What do you think?




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Ubuntu development and education

Hello world!

Yesterday I went to Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad and gave a report on the development fund they started last year. All money invested is paid back from mikroloans and the fund will be used again.

I have been thinking on splitting the UBUNTU fund into two separate. One solely for development through and at La Unica Child Care Centre and one soley on individual education. The development fund is having a stability now and there are questionsmarks on individual families ability to have their children up through high school. Up till now, Everlyne, Sarah, Theresiah, Rita and Rose have all gone through High school with support from sponsors.

Sponsors have helped Sarah up through University even, and she has one year remaining before graduating as a microbiologist, her dream come through. She is excellent in her studies and will be able to pay it forward as she gets a job. Exceptional students with no means from family to manage to pay for education above 13 yrs old, always need sponsors. The bridge is built, Let me know where your sponsormoney should go to. Development fund or education fund? Type “dev_ken” or “edu_ken” when you transfer, then I know. Same account number as before, se below image (sparbanken 1826, Kristianstad, Sweden)



Update SingKids Scandinavia sponsorship

“Hej Hans!

 Föräldrar till en del av barnen på följande förskolor har skänkt ek. medel till La Unica:

 Källesjö Förskola, Ystad; 240 kr.

Säbyholm Montessoriförskola, Landskrona; 360 kr.

Skanör Falsterbo Montessoriförskola, Skanör; 277,50 kr.

Förskolan Blåsippan, Stockholm; 127,50 kr.

Stora Hammars Förskola, Höllviken; 330 kr.

Totalt 1335 kr är idag överförda till La Unica´s konto!

 Vi hörs/Roberto

 SingKids Scandinavia”

Det är härligt när en bro mellan familjer som hjälper andra familjer. Varje krona kommer fram! En bordslampa, med LED och solceller kostar idag 180 SEK, UBUNTU fonden ger möjlighet för familjerna i Kenya att köpa till grossistpris, storpack, och med mikrolån. Nu i nästa steg diskuteras gascookers eller större solcellslampor med UBUNTU fonden som bas. De 120 lampor som inköptes i December 2012 är nu helt betalda, 16000 SEK, fonden är återställd och nedan banksaldo kan adderas för att åstadkomma nya underverk. Hållbar utveckling, vad är det? Jo standardhöjning för familjer, med glokala resurser och hänsyn till miljö, ekonomi och sociala faktorer. Återkommer på bloggen under hösten med nyheter/update.

STORT TACK till alla familjer och SingKids Scandinavia, La Unica genom Hans


Update 2 Sep 2013

“Hello my friend,

It’s a long time since we updated you in Email but God is good because he has given us today we communicated. About my family they are okay now preparing to resume at school on Tuesday. For the group they are still cultivating for short rains. Otherwise, I know I had inconvenienced you but this is the report.

I have scanned the pages with the outstanding balances and also the payment pages.








Attached find copies of our last trip of our students with full track suit. ” /Principal C. Mwaura





To me (Pappa Hans) as a teacher and a father I value the vision of these leaders, who take these children to real workplaces, to broaden their aims and thoughts of the importance of education…. so that they can become…. Mother, father, give me education…..




Imagine the happy day… 

A Shoe factory







Principles that works!

Pay it forward principle combined with microloans works!

Then add Solarlamps, LED technology, La Unicas local network as a local village school centre, global ordering-shipping, eager families to get devolopment, volonteers that help, honesty and good will to all, then you have a reciepe that is worth using continually.

As for myself during last half year, I have rested. Rested from work and also in the good knowledge of that the Fund set up by Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad late 2012 is functioning properly, the families are paying back their mikroloans and the fund can be used again for further family investments. La Unica uses its local network in collecting the mikroloans, and the fund is this way revolving.

Roberto Sjödin asked me today about the work at La Unica, progress and so forth. I will text + call (phone) La Unica leaders, and write an update on the blogg soon. I think it will be nice to report on both figures and system.

They are welcoming you with love and friendship.All sponsorship will 100% reach La Unica Child care centre, benefitting over 200 children. Happy days are here again!

Pappa Hans

Deliverance in words and pictures

Happy New Year and bravo to all your family. Say hi to Elsa and the whole from David & Catherine.

Since last year you have been a great family friend unto us and may our heavenly father double your loving spirit and reward you twice. Everything here is ok and none is sick better good health than money.

wheelchairA lot God has done for us up to date i.e. Baby Wambui’s wheel chair sited and now back to school, certificate of our centre in community based organization with various definitions, clearance of Oksa Micro loan is now through and still waiting for more from our creator. Sorry for your illness, hoping you have recovered, no more stress at this winter.

For solar lamps not yet gone in whole but still in the process of supply and still pay in installments.

Taken care of all this, now that we have just resumed  from December holidays we have great ideas and no more stress. Future plan in our minds combined. May this be of not our interest but for our vision.

Gerald and Andrew now back to their institution for further studies, purity and charity promoted to upper levels. Women group preparation for next season at land?


delivery_suitcase christmas suitcaseHow Elsa doing in Sweden? Again and again receive our thanks for Christmas gifts.

ubuntu_ostermalmchurch_fundPass our regards to all and church members who felt concerned for La’unica centre. May our God bless them wholesomely.

Read Philippians 4:19.. from David & Catherine… women group La’unica, staff and families.

Oksa’s message,

From the word go, goodbye you are appreciated effort to the group. Be blessed and may God multiply your love. Loan covered what next. Do we send it. If yes.. how do you want it?

Say hi to all you friend is referred completed?

What to know.

Christmas and life ahead

At thanksgiving friends to Strandberg family announced they were goin on safari in Kenya for Christmas. We agreed on us preparing and them bringing a suitcase with gifts for christmas. My mind was full with health recovery desire and half time work, so no room for more during the semester. As Christmas got closer, semester ended. Elsa started to plan for the suitcase and I tagged along, With her help, It became real. Paul went with a Mutatu friend and picked our friends up at the airport, drove them to their hotel. Paul took the suitcase to David and Catherine at La Unica Christmas eve. Same day Robert and Paul met at Pauls and finally Paul relaxed. Mission accomplished. He has always provided good service for others, actually his deeds that got me on the track of trying to do something for families on this other continent. Some people have told me to give it up, others encouraged. I know I cant do all, just something. I do not engage in new projects, considering my health, but do something.

Funds to be governed wisely.

– UBUNTU fund is established for Solar-microloan-development at La Unica. Fund is setup by Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad.

– Sarah Ombati is halfway through university becoming a microbiologist, she now has government studyloans for the fees, but for upkeep/food and living some sponsorship still is required as unemployment in family remains.

My summary for the future is that La Unica families lay in the hands of themselves, UBUNTU fund is help for selfhelp and so is Sarahs.

The fishing rod here, is cutting long term costs on lighting and constructing hope through education.

Happy new years!


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Lamps delivered and Ubuntu fund is good development

ubuntu_ostermalmchurch_fund Many thankful hearts and emotions flow through a textmessage from Catherine, that all lamps are delivered and corrections will start on monday. “Corrections” in their english means mortgage payments. Oncethe microloans are paid, the ubuntu fund will be full again and can be used for further development. Many thanks and hope of blessing for all involved, from atherine, representing Mai Ini women group at La Unica, Kenya

We are all happy for Östermalmskyrkan in Kristianstad, Sweden, that made this fund possible through socially investing 15000 SEK, paying invoice of 120 Solarlamps and thereby establishing the micro loand Ubuntu development fund. What is also is important is that the principle of  “pay it forward”  includes trust and faith. Christ showed faith in people who approached him. What we do unto eachother, is done unto him. Thank you all! cashrecieptfinal onlinepaymentreciept

Invoice to smartsolar paid… avaiting delivery

Smartsolar Ltd Kenya has proved to be trustworthy in previous business deal and therefore no worries this time!

Feels great to find Östermalmkyrkan in Kristianstad establishing this development fund.

120 Solar lantern lamps to light up for studies and safe light at home. Bye Bye kerocene (lamp oil), and the alternative cost of Kerocene, about 10 SEK a week will be paid into the fund, as  mortgage on microloan. The families will pay the lamps themselves this way and provide for a new investment as fund fills up. OVER and OVER again….. as long as families do their mortgage part….

PAY IT FORWARD, with sense and heart