Pay it forward

La Unicas Ubuntu mission: To reach out to the poorest families in the village of Lusigeti providing affordable education for them. Orphans free of charge. Ubuntu means devolopment through combined efforts.

Principle of “Pay it Forward”: You do something for another person that this person is unable to do him/herself. Then this person do something big for another person, instead of paying back, the principle of paying forward is used. La Unica provide education with small means through unemployed trained teachers as volonteers. With education families will be able to “Pay it forward”.

Blog Mission: “La Unica needs to be supported both morally and partly economically and the blog helps to put La Unica on the map so sponsors can find it, and we will make sure that the sponsorship runs smoothly (communication and fund transfers).”


2 thoughts on “Pay it forward

  1. Hi Pappahans,great efforts for our beloved country and for needy brothers,sisters and our parents.
    God’s way of payments are unimaginable.
    Great work and God bless you as we wait for another visit.
    A friend from Kenya,Kamangu.

    Thank you for your comment. Yes it would be nice to visit again. Eat some chicken-rice, pineapple, mango and bananas with friends. Some hot chocolate at the candlelight lifts the feeling too. Keep up the good works Gideon! Greetings from Pappa Hans

  2. Romans 8:28
    More than Conquerors
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.

    May you conquer all obstacles to fulfil your mission and vision in Kenya and all over the world.

    “Thank you for commenting and giving me and others hope Gideon, you have truly felt the spirit of paying things forward, may God go with you… Me and Elsa brings the best of greetings from a sunny spring Berlin” Pappa HANS

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