“La Unica Kenya” Using Swedbank

Account  IBAN: SE6180000831395043555241 

 SWIFT-adress: SWEDSESS  (trustee Hans Strandberg)

Please type your name as a message, so I know who the sponsor is!

Donations and you are most welcome

All donations will be directed 100% to LA Unica development.

Glöm inte skriv ditt eget namn, så jag vet varifrån pengarna kommer!

Svenskt bankkonto 


“My, donation is the time I put in!
By building these bridges between people I feel Im making an active choice in life and actually changes the lives of not only others but also myself” Pappa HANS

(Earlier I have used a BG account in Swe, and PayPal for international sponsors, but there were admin costs in notifications and transfers so I closed the  swedish BG and Paypal. Please use the regular bankaccount method from now on. The account is in the name of “La Unica Kenya”, I vouch for this.)

Want to know more? email me, trustee, Pappa Hans launicakenyaatgmail.com


3 thoughts on “Sponsorship

  1. I love to see how well you are making this blog! You are doing a wonderful work down in Kenya. Greetings to your all from Birgitta, Hans’ mom

  2. Det är en princip jag vill undervisa om… Det finns alldeles för många som inte tror att de har en betydelse. Alla har betydelse. Att se en människas liv ändras, att ge någon en möjlighet till utbildning eller få ljus i sitt hem. Det har betydelse!

  3. i am greatly impressed by the progress the school has maid.. i have have watched it grow over the years, changing lives and restoring hope to the poor and less privileged kids in our society. Tanks to Catherine and David for dedicating their efforts to serve our community and give hope to the hopeless. we appreciate your service.

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