A look back on how 2012 started

>Much to say from us. First is to thank our Heavenly Father for the care that he has towards all of us.
>Here we are quite okay though lot of hot sun and dust.
The school is progressing very well and a lot of increment in population. Many have joined the centre and for us we have had a very busy period this and the past month. We’ve been visiting the neediest families to enable us to know the ones that need to be assisted. We are now having 228 families which are from the payer able ones we are able to assist the weak kids with stationeries and basic needs. And we are now able to provide all the kids with texts book.
>Lets take this opportunity to say thanks too for making La’Unica have lot of changes. It’s with great pleasure that we acknowledge your hand on the centre…that which you gave Mr.Robert (12,500 Kes) and after discussing with the women, we decided that it were better to fix decent windows instead of the swing. They have stayed with no panes for long and the kids suffer cold.. Thus this solution.
>We have attached Pictures showing the window frames and after being fixed…and the receipts of expenses. Only the glass panes are left.
>I received your sms about the 94,000 Kes which will highly appreciate. The amount will help us to achieve some of the objectives like fencing, piping, re-painting, repairing of the chipped floor and probably fixing a gate and adding stationeries…but we must have a meeting with the group to decide on priorities…these are just but my opinions.  (David/Catherine)

2 thoughts on “A look back on how 2012 started

    • Yep the difference from just five yrs ago is admirable. I salute the leaders of La Unica. Mai-Ini women group and David+Catherine family, and of course all the volonteer teachers. Great job you perfform, may heavens blessings be close continually.

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